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136 EVERGREEN Autumn

136 EVERGREEN Autumn Capture the Castle, British Artists and the Castle from Turner to Le Brun is a terrific volume of exquisite paintings and illustrations which will appeal to all. (Sansome, 176pp, hardback, £25). * * * Britain’s Wild Flowers by Rosamond Richardson is a well-illustrated treasury of traditions, superstitions, remedies and literature. (National Trust, 280pp, hardback, £12.99). Children in the First World War by Mike Brown is the latest in the splendid Britain’s Heritage series, packed full of colourful illustrations. (Amberley, 64pp, paperback, £8.99). * * * Children in the Second World War by Amanda Herbert- Davies is an excellent collection of entertaining youthful memories from the Home Front. (Pen & Sword, 198pp, paperback, £12.99). * * * In Lipsticks and Library Books, Jackie Winter tells the story of the Boots Booklovers Library. (Chantries, 142pp, paperback, £7). * * * Raglan Castle, one of many superb paintings in Capture the Castle. Hares by Nancy Jennings is a superb colourful account of our native fleetfooted animal. (RSPB, 128pp, paperback, £9.99).

2017 EVERGREEN 137 Hopetoun House near Edinburgh, one of hundreds of wonderful pictures in Hudson’s Historic Houses and Gardens (Museums and Heritage Sites). Hudson’s Historic Houses and Gardens is a magnificent encyclopedia giving details of all the UK’s museums and heritage sites. Gloriously illustrated, it is a work of art in itself. (Hudson’s, 408pp, paperback, £16.99). * * * Small Island by Little Train is a narrow-gauge adventure by Chris Arnot, covering 16 different railways in England, Scotland and Wales. (AA, 320pp, hardback, £16.99). In The Winter Fortress, Neal Bascombe tells the thrilling story of how SOE-trained commandos destroyed the Nazis’ nuclear weapons programme which was being perfected in the mountains of Norway. (Head of Zeus, 378pp, paperback, £9.99). * * * Moving Borders is a touching account of how Annie Louisa Harrison’s Jewish grandmother escaped from Nazi Germany and lived to be 100. (Brewin, 64pp, paperback, £7.95). * * * The Golden Age of the Garden is an 18th- and 19th-century horticultural miscellany edited by Claire Cock-Starkey. (Elliott & Thompson, 272pp, hardback, £12.99). The Vale of Rheidol railway. See Small Island by Little Train More overleaf

Evergreen Autumn 2017 online
Evergreen Autumn 2017 online
Evergreen Autumn 2017 online
Evergreen Autumn 2017 online
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