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138 EVERGREEN Autumn

138 EVERGREEN Autumn “Dawn at Symonds Yat” is a colour illustration from an amusing 19th-century diary, Camping on the Wye. New from the Shire series, are five more excellent little volumes: Gothic Revival Architecture by Trevor Yorke; Medieval Castles of England and Wales by Bernard Lowry; Fashion in the 1950s by Daniel Milford-Cottam; WRNS — The Women’s Royal Naval Service by Neil. R. Storey; Canals in Britain by Tony Conder. (Shire, 64pp, paperback, £7.99 each). * * * Art and Nature in the Middle Ages by Nicole Myers is a colourful account of stained-glass, icons, materials etc. (Yale, 136pp, paperback, £27.50). In 1892, four men in striped blazers, rowed a hired skiff down the River Wye. One of them kept an illustrated diary detailing hilarious escapades which you can read about in Camping on the Wye. (Bloomsbury, 168pp, hardback, £10). * * * L .T.C. Rolt was a pioneering traveller and engineer involved with all kinds of machinery in the countryside — canals and trains in particular. His three-part autobiography has been reprinted as: Landscape with Machines; Landscape with Canals; and Landscape with Figures. (History Press, 250pp, paperback, £14.99 each). Truro Cathedral in Cornwall. See Gothic Revival Architecture.

2017 EVERGREEN 139 Military aircraft enthusiasts will welcome two new books. Blackbird, the Untouchable Spy Plane by James Hamilton-Paterson about the world’s fastest and highest-flying plane, the perfect reconnaissance spy. (Head of Zeus, 224pp, hardback, £18.99). This Victorian painting, “The Girl I Left Behind Me”, shows a young bride looking longingly after her departing soldier. See Army Wives. In Army Wives, From Crimea to Afghanistan; the Real Lives of the Women Behind the Men in Uniform, Midge Gillies covers a huge amount of ground over a long length of time. (Aurum, 392pp, hardback, £20). * * * Tupolev TU-2 is a largely forgotten medium bomber of the last war which Jason Nicholas Moore has put back in its correct historical perspective. (Fonthill, 174pp, paperback, £25). HENRY HARDCASTLE Dethroning Mammon, Making Money Serve Grace is Justin Welby’s 2017 Lent Book, a plea by the Archbishop of Canterbury to use our money wisely. (Bloomsbury, 170pp, paperback, £9.99). * * * Blood Royal, The Wars of Lancaster and York, 1462- 1485 is an in-depth study by Hugh Bicheno of who did what, why and when during a tumultuous time in our history. Intrigue and loyalties figure prominently in this detailed account. (Head of Zeus, 390pp, hardback, £30). The earliest known portrait of Richard III. See Blood Royal.

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