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28 EVERGREEN Autumn (continued) Slim Dusty PADOS, PRESTWICH Prestwich Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society (PADOS) are based in a former library in Manchester where Percy used to borrow books as a child! With Junior, Youth and Adult productions, they are very busy and looking forward to their centenary. Before locating to their current home nearly 50 years ago, their secretary, Lauren Livesey, tells me they used to perform in church halls and local theatres, including the former Open Air Theatre in nearby Heaton Park. More than 100 years ago, the first live gramophone show was broadcast there to a spellbound crowd of more than 40,000. It was devoted to Enrico Caruso who had just appeared at the Free Trade Hall who was delighted and congratulated the impresario, William Grimshaw, a budding local gramophone salesman. “A PUB WITH NO BEER” Nora Jackson from Uttoxeter in Staffordshire is searching for the sheet music of this jolly Australian tune made popular nearly 60 years ago by Slim Dusty (1927-2003). The chords and lyrics are on the internet, but does anyone have a copy of the original score of the song which made it to number five in the UK charts? STUDIO THEATRE, SALISBURY Dee Mansfield (in orange, below), wrote in from Alderbury, Wiltshire, to say Studio Theatre had broken with their usual drama productions by presenting an Old Time Music Hall. The cast sang Victorian and Edwardian songs, including the old favourite “Joshua” (left), while the audience appeared in suitable period costumes with a prize awarded each evening for the most well-dressed. We are always pleased to hear from amateur musical groups without whom the nation would be much poorer.

2017 EVERGREEN 29 TALKING PICTURES At last! In the summer 2016 issue I urged readers to contact Virgin Media and ask them to take the channel called Talking Pictures which deals with old films, particularly in black and white but also in colour. It is a family-run business which unashamedly favours the kind of movie which all the family can enjoy without fear of bad language or worse. Imagine my delight, therefore, when our sound engineer, Eric Holmes, rang to tell me it had begun broadcasting on Virgin Media from 1st June while I was away on holiday. It can be found on Channel 445, a most welcome addition to the other film channels, many of which feature only sleazy American movies quite unsuitable for the family in general or children in particular. It deserves our wholehearted support so please tune in if you possibly can. Hurrah! NATIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR COURTESY Stalwart chairman Peter G. Foot is retiring and we thank him for his hard work down the years. Among the latest articles in their magazine Courtesy Call is one paying tribute to a former patron, the late Rachael Heyhoe Flint, for many years the face of women’s international cricket. Another welcome item concerns the efforts of Rochdale Council who plan to fine people £100 for swearing or for anti-social behaviour in public. Amazingly, the organisation Liberty objected because it would “curb the rights and freedoms of local residents.” In response, Richard Farnell, the leader of Rochdale Council said: “With all the horrific human rights abuses around the world right now, I would have thought Liberty had bigger things to worry about.” Hear, hear! BBC MIDLAND RADIO ORCHESTRA This new limited-edition double CD contains 59 excellent tracks recorded at Pebble Mill, Birmingham, by the fine musicians of the late MRO and is available to Evergreen readers at the special price of £15.49 (post free in the UK, overseas at cost, please enquire). Cheques payable to J. Reed and sent to NDO Mailbox, c/o J. Roadhouse, 123 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 7DU. email:

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