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EMERGENCY LIGHTING TWINSPOT LED EMERGENCY EMERGENCY RANGE | Twinspot Led Twin LED Spot. 3HR Emergency Luminaire. Twin 3 Watt LED head designed to provide emergency lighting solution for wide range of applications. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Input Voltage: Power Rating: 4.4W 221-240V AC 50/60 Hz LINE DRAWING Light Source: Lumen Output: Emergency Duration: Temperature Rating: Battery Type: Charger: Temperature Rating: Recharge Time: Discharge Current: Cut-Off Voltage: 6 x 1W Edison LEDs 160 Lumens 3 Hours 25°C Ambient 7.2V 4.5Ah Nickel Cadmium 200mA Constant Current 0°C to +35°C Ambient 24 Hours Nominal 1100mA 6.0 Volts OPTIONS Fitting: Light Source: Wattage: Colour: Twinspot LED 6W WH/BL Options: Colour Options: White (WH), Black (BL)

EMERGENCY LIGHTING TWINSPOT EMERGENCY LINE DRAWING Choice of Stainless Steel or polycarbonate enclosure rated IP65. Simple and effective emergency lighting from robust high intensity projectors. Available for indoor or exterior installations and a choice of glass or polycarbonate lenses. Projector heads are also available seperately for remote mounting. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 130 170 105 350 EMERGENCY RANGE | Twinspot Input Voltage: Lamp: Supply Current: Emergency Duration: Recharge Time: 221-240V AC 50/60 Hz 2 x 20W TH or 2 x 55W TH Non-Maintained 80mA 3 Hours 24 Hours OPTIONS Fitting: Light Source: Wattage: Colour: TWINSPOT TH 20/55W WH Options: 2X 20W Non-Maintained 3HR Emergency 2X 55W Non-Maintained 1HR Emergency IP65 Weatherproof IP65 Rated Enclosure WG Wire Guard RM Remote Mounting

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