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RE:FRESH Creative Campaign



OBJECTIVE Strategic Approach: Product Awareness + Promoting the USP + Building Brand Identity RE: FRESH is an entirely new product, so the first campaign objective is to create product awareness among our target market. RE: FRESH is not just a new beer, but an entirely new beverage for much of our market, so education and familiarization will be integrated thoroughly into our campaign. The radler, a mixture of organic soda and light German lager, is unique to other summer beverages in that it has the feel of a beer, the light effervescence of a soda, and the increasingly coveted personality of a local craft beer. Our creative messages will visualize this distinct personality to increase recognizability, emphasizing the Unique Selling Point and weaving easily digestible product information throughout the campaign. Product Awareness: What is a radler? We will tell you. Problem: Lack of Basic Knowledge Poses Barrier to Buying. • Low-level of awareness on what a radler is amongst beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers, alike. Solution: • Integrated definitions within brand promotion • We recognize the need to foster a clear understanding of what the radler is in terms of recipe composition. We also need to distinguish radlers cognitively from other drinks, like shandies and hard sodas. We plan to inform our consumers through personal selling at promotional events, such as music festivals and other high visibility events. • We believe this approach will help build familiarity with the radler, which will lead people to spread information about the brew and RE: FRESH via word of mouth. • In terms of creative, we have put together a robust package of materials that aim to highlight the history and foundational ingredients of the radler, all while promoting both Wisconsin Brewing Company and their exciting partnership with Wisco Pop! • 13 •

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