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RE:FRESH Creative Campaign

Promoting USP of

Promoting USP of Product: RE: FRESH, a drink that lifts your spirits instead of weighing you down Problem: Our targets want original, local craft brews that will enhance their summer activities, rather than weighing them down • Our targets prides themselves on being adventurous, creative, and original. Whether it’s alcoholic sodas, hard lemonades, or craft beers, the summer beverages on the market overwhelmingly force them to compromise on at least one of these aspects. Solution: RE: FRESH: the Perfect Triple Threat • RE: FRESH doesn’t force consumers to compromise. With the originality of a new product, the lightness of an organic soda, and the creativity of a craft beer, RE: FRESH is the perfect triple threat to carry them through the summer. They can drink it on the move or at the lake without being weighed down, and never have to sacrifice their originality. Building Brand Identity: “Wisconsin In the Heart, Brewing in the Soul.” Problem: Standing out in a saturated market • Wisconsin is the land of beer, which makes for a very crowded market. Wisconsin Brewing Company needs to break through the clutter and stand out as a leader in the craft beer market, as well as the touchstone of Wisconsin craft breweries. Solution: “Wisconsin’s Brewing Company” • As a groundbreaking new product, RE: FRESH will help Wisconsin Brewing Company stand out against a highly saturated craft beer market. Bringing home timeless German traditions is a staple of Wisconsin culture. Through the partnership with Wisco Pop! And Campus Craft Brewery, Wisconsin Brewing Company can emphasize their continued commitment to Wisconsin companies, Wisconsin agriculture, and Wisconsin heritage, cementing their role as truly being Wisconsin’s brewing company. TAGLINE: Pairs Well With Adventure Our tagline embodies the craft beer culture and the refreshing lightness you expect from a summer drink. It can also be easily remixed to go with our PR events. For example, Pairs Well With Good Company, or Pairs Well With the Sounds of Summer for summer concert events.


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