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RE:FRESH Creative Campaign

Media Strategy: Our

Media Strategy: Our media strategy will focus on two main goals: awareness, as the product is new to the market and buzz, to increase product recognition, grow a loyal consumer base and in turn increase sales. In order to create product awareness and buzz, our campaign relies on strategic and persistent placement. Specifically product pre-launch, launch, and immediate post-launch are significant. The campaign will begin with heavy media placement surrounding the product launch in May. Our targets are adventurous opinion leaders, eager to try new things and share their discoveries with others. Creating buzz around a new summer alternative to beer is important for drawing this audience in. Our hope is that our media placement and content will promote consumer participation and involvement across social media, encouraging these opinion leaders to share the product with family and friends, overall growing our audience. Media placement will be concentrated in the summer months, associating the product with the summer season when it will be available. As this is a low involvement product, we will focus on innovative point-of-purchase opportunities so the product is available when consumers hear about it. We will also promote activity pairings to associate the product with various events that will appeal to our active consumers. Social media will be our main focus as this medium calls for the most shareability and is a location at which our consumers are active and present.

I. Outdoor Media Point of Purchase Displays Selection • Table tents, napkin holders and coasters at bars and restaurants throughout South Central Wisconsin. • Flyers throughout State Street Rational • Create product awareness, recognition and a curiosity that they can immediately explore Outdoor Displays Selection • Billboard | The Beltline Rationale • Publicize RE: FRESH while people are on their way to their summer activities, and likely picking up drinks either on the way or once they reach their destination Selection • Bus advertisements, Bike Library advertisements, Pedal Pub advertisements Rationale • Associate RE: FRESH with outdoor summer activities and biking in particular. This will also put the product on the top of consumers’ minds when they’re outdoors and in the summer sun • 17 •

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