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RE:FRESH Creative Campaign

II. Digital Media Paid

II. Digital Media Paid Search Selection • Google keywords: refresh, RE: FRESH, summer drink, summer beer, beer 2018, radler, Wisconsin beer, light beer, craft beer Rationale • First and foremost, we want our consumers to be able to find us as easily as possible. Beyond that, these keywords will help usher RE: FRESH into the craft summer drink market, making it available to people who don’t yet know to search for it. Finally, through a heavy social media presence and various forms of earned media, we will raise RE: FRESH to the top of the search page for radlers, making it the touchstone brand for radlers in Wisconsin, and eventually throughout the country. Social Media Social Media is an important part of any campaign, especially targeting urban young adults. It is efficient, affordable, and offers easy analytics which allow the company to continually improve their posts, followers, and advertisements. Selection • Instagram | sponsored ads Rationale • Most of our target market uses Instagram. Through sponsored ads, we can target very specific subsets of peoplebased on what they’ve searched and purchased in the past. After identifying stores that our target likely frequents online, we will be able to easily and efficiently target them with our message. Instagram advertisements also create a direct link between the ad and the product website. By fostering curiosity about this new product, we can get the primary target to actively engage with the brand. Selection • Facebook | Promotion of Events throughout unified tagline, “Pairs Well With….” • Brand engagement through the radler Facebook Page Rationale • Both of our target markets use Facebook. Though dwindling among our primary target, this is still the platform they use to discover and share events with friends and family. Recognizable graphics will integrate the events to create brand recognition, and tie them to advertisements on other social media platforms. When consumers actively engage with the product by RSVPing or inviting friends to an event, it spreads awareness in a much more authentic way than purchased advertisements.

Selection • Twitter | Hashtags and reinforcement of brand promotion efforts #StayRad #TheRadFad #CrackARad #RadlerRefresh #RelaxWithARadler #SipOSummer #ThisIsHowIRadle Rationale • Twitter helps to integrate all social media platforms. Hashtags foster viral earned publicity, while helping to strengthen the brand’s personality. They also promote curiosity in consumers’ networks, which will lead potential customers to engaging with the brand to find out about the radler, and associate radlers in general with Wisconsin Brewing Company and RE: FRESH. Selection • Snapchat | Lens and geotag during launch and promotional events Rationale • Snapchat filters draw attention to specific events and products. During launch and publicity events, participants can send snapchats of themselves with branded filters and geotags, creating earned media for RE: FRESH and Wisconsin Brewing Company, as well as the events themselves. Again, this gives consumers an easy way to voluntarily engage with the product promotes brand recognition, and creates a more authentic relationship for the consumer. III. Traditional Media Radio Though magazines and TV advertisements are not an efficient or affordable way to reach either of our targets, they still consistently listen to radio (or radio applications) at home, at work, and on the go. Selection • WSUM Student Radio, Spotify Rationale • WSUM is a staple radio station for our targets, and even more of them use Spotify. Most of our primary target has lost the reduced-price Student Spotify Premium, and may once again be reached by advertisements. This is an affordable, efficient way to reach our target to inform them about events and keep RE: FRESH on top of their minds while they’re on the go. • 19 •

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