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RE:FRESH Creative Campaign

Outdoor Events Summer

Outdoor Events Summer Concert Series Logistics • We plan to have a booth at summer concerts and music festivals to increase brand recognition and association. The booth will be the same colors as the packaging of the radler cans and go with the festival theme. There will be a banner in front of the booth and reps will wear the brand logo incorporated into a trendy outfit that reflects the style of our target audience. The reps will hand out free samples in small cups. There may also be interactive aspects, such as games like “spin the wheel” to win promotions for discounts on 12 pack of RE: FRESH from Riley’s Wines of the World, a $5 discount for kayaks at Yahara Place Park or a free RE: FRESH t-shirt. • We will promote RE: FRESH with free samples and promotional content at events such as La Fete de Marquette and BratFest, which takes place over Memorial Day Weekend. Rationale • Summer concerts are a perfect location to open up a can of RE: FRESH. Wisconsin Distributors already distributes at this event, making it easy to get RE: FRESH into the lineup. • As the world’s largest brat festival, BratFest is full of great food, music, fun and games, and brings in a very large amount of people. This combined with Wisconsin Distributors’ history of distribution at this festival makes it an excellent opportunity to promote RE: FRESH • The biggest hurdle with promoting RE: FRESH is the public’s lack of knowledge on radlers. This makes personal selling an extremely important aspect of promoting the product. Booths at concerts or outdoor events are a great way to raise awareness and familiarity with the product.

Wisco Pop! Promotion at Dane County Farmers Markets Logistics • This booth will feature free samples of Wisco Pop! and give people the opportunity to purchase a thirst-quenching soda. • While the Wisco Pop! stand will not be selling RE: FRESH, it will allow for our salespeople to engage in interpersonal communication about this product. • We will also be handing out cards asking “What is a radler?” which explain the product more thoroughly. Rationale • The organic soda attracts people who shop at the Farmer’s Market because of their interest in local and natural Wisconsin products. • Personal selling is what will generate interest in our product. • The goal of the “What is a radler?” card, is to have people leaving thinking about our new product with a Wisco Pop! in hand. “Radle and Paddle” Logistics • Our Radle and Paddle promotion will start with the distribution of a coupon book featuring deals at partnering boat rental stations throughout Wisconsin • Upon returning equipment from places such as Brittingham Boats, Marshall Boats, or Wingra Boats, you get a drink ticket where you can redeem a six-pack at the Wisconsin Brewing Company brewery and Wisconsin Brewing Tap Haus on State Street • The drink must be redeemed within two weeks of receiving the voucher. • This will take place every Friday and Saturday throughout the month of July Rationale • Through this direct form of advertising, we plan to increase sales and clientele at these various locations. In return for the publicity and increased sales, the boat rentals will give $4 to the Wisconsin Brewing Company. Even with the $4 designation, the companies will still be making a profit from the influx of people renting canoes, paddles and boats, as well as first time customers who come back later in the summer. • This is designed for spending a beautiful summer day in Wisconsin. It is also ideal when actively walking, running or biking and needing something to quench your thirst. This will build the association between RE: FRESH and Wisconsin Summer activities. • This is also the perfect introduction to a partnership amongst Wisconsin based companies. The Radle and Paddle event is aimed to associate RE: FRESH with • 29 •

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