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RE:FRESH Creative Campaign

The Grab • Relying on

The Grab • Relying on alternative/retro visuals to create brand personality and distinguish the product. • Casual and relatable language create an authentic and local brand personality • The retro colors and feel fit within an aesthetic our target markets gravitate towards. They also resemble the Wisco Pop!aesthetic without mirroring it too closely to distinguish between the products. • Emphasis on organic composition of product, appealing to consumers seeking healthy yet social lifestyle. • Partnership with Wisco Pop! • Light, summer flavors are mirrored in light, bright colors. • Tagline: Activity Pairings • The taglines pair the brew with a fun summer activity, which promotes the craft bee aspect of the drink, while keeping its active, refreshing nature alive. Wisconsin’s Brewing Company: Strategic Partnerships, Wisco Pop! And Campus Craft Campus Craft: Celebrating the Wisconsin Idea • Since 2014, Wisconsin Brewing Company has celebrated its partnership with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Fermentation and Brew Lab Program. Each year since then, the students interested in fermentation and brewing collaborate with the Wisconsin Brewing Company team to create a unique beer for that year. Because we are passionate about the importance of learning, we have created a Brand Ambassador Program and Digital Marketing Internship to get more students and young adults in Madison passionate about their studies and interests. • Wisco Pop!: Since 2012, Wisco Pop! has combined their love for soda with their passion to support the local food movement. Because we are passionate for keeping our products local and we cherish all Wisconsin has to offer, we are excited for this partnership in making RE: FRESH. Because of large corporate companies in the soda industry, infusing soda in our product while staying local is a difficult task. However, Wisco Pop! is the answer to this issue. As an organic and local soda, using Wisco Pop! brings a strategic element to our product that distinguishes them from the rest of the soda community. As our target audiences run in the same circle, Wisco Pop! will have a booth at the Dane County Farmers Markets to promote not only the organic soda, but introduce its partnership with the Wisconsin Brewing Company and its important role in the radler as well.

Brought to you by Wisconsin Brewing Co. & WiscoPop! Creative Content: Coasters RE: FRESH (German Lager + Organic Soda) Brought to you by Wisconsin Brewing Co. & WiscoPop! RE: FRESH (German Lager + Organic Soda) Brought to you by Wisconsin Brewing Co. & WiscoPop! RE: FRESH (German Lager + Organic Soda) RE: FRESH is the kickoff to the summer shindig. We thought it would be fitting to bring this German tradition back to Wisconsin. We crafted the brew with our friends over at Wisco Pop! to find a fruity, effervescent and of course refreshing drink to sip on all the way through summer. • 37 •

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