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RE:FRESH Creative Campaign

A. Brand Positioning

A. Brand Positioning Light/Refreshing Craft/ Local Domestics & Other Beverages Dark/Heavy

Competitive Analysis Direct (other radlers, hard ciders, shandies) • Goose Island Radler • Water Street Raspberry Weiss • Sprecher Radler • Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy • Angry Orchard • Sprecher’s Hard Sodas • Sam Adams Porch Radler • Mike’s Hard Lemonade • New Belgium Citradelic B. Industry Trends Secondary (popular lighter summer craft beers) • Ale Asylum Unshadowed • Lakefront Smash Ale • New Glarus Spotted Cow • Lagunitas Lil Sumpin’ Sumpin’ • Bell’s Oberon • Ale Asylum Hopalicious • New Glarus Totally Naked • Blue Moon • Miller Highlife • PBR • Lakefront Riverwest Stein • Trend towards craft breweries + craft breweries perfecting lager recipes + craft beer drinkers developing a taste for new, lighter flavors and lower APV beers (Palate Fatigue) = saturated light, refreshing craft beer market. • Lower brand loyalty: craft beer drinkers looking for the next big thing. “Look for breweries (and brewers) to return to their storytelling roots with emphasis on commitment to local markets, passion for products and devotion to the craft-beer community.” • Demand for craft beers that are “stylish, well-balanced and highly quality.” Doesn’t have to be “wildest, weirdest or crazy brews you can make or find.” Summer Trends • IPA and heavier craft beer drinkers switch to lighter lagers. • Consumers more willing to embrace fruity tastes. • Increase in sales of “refreshing summer alternatives,” such as hard lemonades, ciders, hard sodas. • 7 •

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