9 months ago

Couple Goals, Leadership, and Service with Jessica and Joseph Chicas

Often times when we get into relationships, we fall in love with ideas, opinions, and expectations that we put on them, rather than accepting them and learning about who they truly are. Do you agree? In this episode, Jessica and Joseph Chicas break down the several reasons they have become the young power couple they are today and the things we may need to look out for in growing a relationship.


KEY POINTS The Challenges of Developing People Finding people who need mentorship and building a connection can be a challenge. Jessica would like to create a mentorship program app to help fill this gap. Mindset can also get in the way – when you try to break free of negative mindsets from school and peers, the business world can then put up barriers that you have to break through. People can become so much more than they think, but our communities need to hear this and see the success stories of what they can achieve. How to Create Change We need to create more resources, support, and opportunities to serve our youth and people who need help. Remember that you can’t listen to the people who are trying to tell you-you can’t do something. Everyone should uplift their communities, we all need help at some point in our lives and we all have an obligation to pay it forward and serve others. You don’t have to help through becoming a social worker or educator, come up with your own creative ways to connect with people.

KEY POINTS Committing to Self-Care It’s okay to take care of yourself first, you can’t help others if you aren’t working on your own insecurities, emotions, and health. While focusing on your personal growth can take significant work, it also sets you up for success in all areas of your life. Joseph was able to find Jessica through working on his own life and coming to a point where he was confident in his path and ready to receive love. Dating While Following Your Purpose Jessica and Joseph are both driven people, and they struggled with juggling their schooling, careers, and relationship. At one point they broke up because Jessica didn’t want to hinder Joseph’s goals, but they ended up back together and were married two years later. Sometimes it’s okay to focus on one person chasing their dreams while the other holds back for a while, but you should support your partner’s dreams as much as your own. You can find the balance to make it work for you both to achieve your goals.