11 months ago

Couple Goals, Leadership, and Service with Jessica and Joseph Chicas

Often times when we get into relationships, we fall in love with ideas, opinions, and expectations that we put on them, rather than accepting them and learning about who they truly are. Do you agree? In this episode, Jessica and Joseph Chicas break down the several reasons they have become the young power couple they are today and the things we may need to look out for in growing a relationship.

Key Quotes

Key Quotes Psychologically, we get these messages, and we internalize messages saying that we’re inferior, we’re less than, it’s hard to make it out of here, and that’s a mentality that’s really hard to break. (10:56) We’re often times trained to just be employees, and I think that we need to re-shift that and say that our value is infinite, our potential is infinite. (11:59) Whoever tells you-you can’t, whoever tells you oh no, you should take this route, I think you can tell them to go to hell, and you figure out your own damn solution. (17:08) For anybody who is listening to this, and you know that you’re a leader, just know that you’re needed. (20:32) We’re given advice on if you want to help people, you have to go this direction … you can help people whatever profession you are, you don’t have to be placed in a box. (32:31) You modify your dream, but to forfeit it, I think we just gotta be really careful about our dreams, because we only get one life. (37:11) Rather than chasing this idea of this imaginary person, really just letting people in because of who they are as an individual when you can do that, that’s when it will happen organically. (42:55) Until we figure that out what's going to fill my love tank, what’s going to fill his love tank-then we’re constantly going to think we’re giving love when we’re not giving love in the way that we need it. (49:08)

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