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KALAHISerye 2016|| 3 volunteers shared that she could now wear her shoes and high heeled sandals to attend meetings and social events. With the paved roads and pathways in her barangay, she observed that hauling of vegetables became easier and faster. For Celia, the FMR has helped reduce the hauling cost of vegetables and the need for middle men. Now, they can directly deliver their produce in Bambang, Nueva Viscaya which positively increased their income. After listening to their testimonies, Redaja remarked “I thought that there is nothing small about these people who have known too much deprivation and yet have refused to give up. There is nothing small about their acts of generosity when they give their time and energy to build these beautiful roads that will be their pathway to more opportunities.” THE KULPI’D ASIPULO The town fiesta is celebrated annually every April originally to commemorate the noble achievements of their ancestors. Previously, the Kulpi is celebrated for a fruitful and bountiful rice harvest and show of cultural customs and traditions of the Ifugaos. Now, it has evolved to include the celebration of their efforts, achievements and dreams to lead their own progress. The Kulpi included contests on indigenous games, booth, cultural parade and cultural extravaganza. In her message during the event, Redaja said “the paved roads are a testament of your hard work and the triumph of your participation. I am privileged to have witnessed this important milestone in the life of a village in Asipulo (referring to Barangay Nungawa).” “Your stories are an inspiration for those of us in government who share your dream of a better life,” she continued. As part of the Kulpi, a ceremonial marker installation at six sub-projects in the municipality was conducted. Together with representatives from the National and Regional Program Management Office of Kalahi CIDSS and Provincial Local Government Unit, the Municipal Local Government Unit led a road trip and interaction with community volunteers. The sub-projects were also turned over to the Barangay Local Government Units. INSTITUTIONALIZING THE CDD APPROACH In 2013, through the leadership of Mayor Armando Domilod, the municipality institutionalized the community-driven development approach through Executive Order number 14 organizing the Community-Driven Development and Poverty Alleviation Program also called Pan-Aamungan (convergence) Program. In line with this is the creation of a working structure which comprised the municipal inter-agency coordinators with the mayor as the program manager. With the inclusion of Infrastructure Development Technical Assistants, Roving Bookeeper and Community Facilitators in the working structure, the municipality hired job order personnel to fill these positions. As a municipality with good performance record having institutionalized CDD, they received 19 million incentive grant from Kalahi-CIDSS Millennium Challenge Corporation to implement six sub-projects in 2016. As of now, Asipulo is the only municipality in the Cordillera that institutionalized the communitydriven development process.

ENJOY AND COMPETE. With a competitive prize on the line, each barangay sent their best players for the indigenous games and their best singers and dancers for the cultural extravanganza to participate on various activities during the Kulpi. The barangay who garners the highest score is given a prize in the form of a community project. KALAHISerye 2016|| 4

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