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purpose that nobody should be a victim of falling again from that side of the barangay. Thus, when Kalahi-CIDSS was introduced in their municipality, community volunteers listed the construction of a Fall Protection as their top priority. it was not easy for them managing a community project but after the fall protection was constructed, Bakidan says that they are reaping the benefits of such simple infrastructure. Coupled by the knowledge on environmental protection they have acquired from seminars provided, they were inspired to keep their barangay clean and green. They then started their quest to become one of the healthiest barangay through information and education campaign and by first putting “No Dumping Here” sign boards. The barangay has also strengthened its implementation of the ordinance on proper waste disposal. Trainings on waste management such as recycling, creating decorations from plastics or papers and composting has been conducted by the Barangay Local Government Unit. Moreover, as an operation and maintenance activity for the fall protection as well as for a healthy environment, each sitio was scheduled for the regular clearing and inspection of the structure. Women and 4Ps beneficiaries also regularly clean within the barangay every after Sunday mass. Indeed, the structure is physically a fence but one could be amazed how it linked the barangay to strive for a safer and healthier environment. Most of the successful community projects are accounted for the strong bond among its members. This was once again proven in Barangay Galdang when they displayed great cooperation among them. KALAHISerye 2016|| 17

KALAHISerye 2016|| 18

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