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Partners in Action

Partners in Action Citizens Wanted: the role of BLGU in community-led development Jasmin P. Kaiso “They realized that the time and effort they poured during the trainings and implementation is paying off because they can now discern barangay development efforts in wider perspective. KALAHISerye 2016|| 37

T hey don’t appear fancy nor eloquent but their management and leadership skills can surely speak for them. They are the officials of Barangay Catlubong, Buguias – the BLGU winner of the Regional Bayani Ka! Awards 2016 held in Baguio on December 15, 2016. Read on and discover how they became key to the success of a community-led project in their barangay. CONCEIVED DURING BARANGAY ASSEMBLIES Following the empowerment cycle of the Kapitbisig Laban sa Kahirapan-Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services, Barangay Catlubong realized the importance of barangay assemblies. According to DILG’s code, barangay assemblies should be held twice a year. However, in Kalahi- CIDSS, the barangays are asked to meet five times a year to conduct specific activities as part of their empowerment. “The barangay assemblies required by Kalahi- CIDSS help in organizing people to target and address the real problem in the barangay,” Punong Barangay Melchor Guesey said. However, “gathering them in this barangay proved to be a challenge since, culturally, Benguet people usually build their houses near their farms thus away from each other” Guesey added. “This makes it difficult to call for assemblies and satisfy the 80% participation rate, one of the implementation guideline of Kalahi-CIDSS,” he continued. KALAHISerye 2016|| 38

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