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Partners in Action Tayo

Partners in Action Tayo Ang Mga BAYANI Tayong lahat mag-Kalahi The Bayani Ka! Awards is an annual activity of the Kapit-bisig Laban sa Kahirapan- Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services (Kalahi-CIDSS) Program of the Department of Social Welfare and Development to recognize the hardwork being put by local, everyday heroes who put their own communities (“Bayan”) before themselves (“I”). Our Bayani Ka! Awardees are our champions in making community-driven development a reality. The department believes that with the initiatives of the local government units (Bayan), exemplary efforts of community volunteers (Bayani) and the active citizenship (Bayanihan) of peoples group, our communities will continue to uphold the principles of participation, transparency and accountability. KALAHISerye 2016|| 41

MLGU Villaviciosa became a partner of DSWD Kalahi-CIDSS in 2014. They became a strong supporter of community-driven development or CDD since then. Villaviciosa Vice Mayor Marjorie Lagen (left photo-in white blouse) shares their good practices in implementing Kalahi-CIDSS during the Kapihan sa Baguio (Media Conference) on December 15, 2016. MLGU Villaviciosa Bayani Ka! Awardee for “Bayan” Category under MLGU Villaviciosa, Abra KALAHISerye 2016|| 42

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