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Diaries from the Field

Diaries from the Field Deformity brings the Great Carpenter within Manong Floro Aprilla Camilot KALAHISerye 2016|| 49 T here will always be those times many of us would doubt what we are capable of, what we could actually achieve despite those glaring and obvious limitations. He was different, he never questioned what he could do, never saw his physical limitation as a deformity. Instead, he took the task with a grin as he told us, “Kaya mi daytoy Sir, Ma’am, basta nu

I do not claim to be great in judging carpentry works but I know what is excellent when I saw the walls, the corners, the chairs and everything about the classroom he led to build. I hope that the children who will use the building will take care of it and be inspired by the story of Mang Floro whose family even donated the lot for the construction of the building. I myself was amazed as I watched Manong Floro discussing with the community volunteers and hired skilled workers during the pre-construction conference of the 1 Unit-2 Classroom Elementary School Building project funded under the Kalahi- CIDSS program of DSWD. I observed that he is very meticulous to details of the construction and to the materials to be used. During the pre-construction activities, we had to walk from corner to corner of the construction sites to check measurements here and there. I painfully watched him as he dragged his other foot while trying to cope alongside able bodies talking about cubic meters, centimeters and feet. I was nodding my head while watching him talked about how he understood the lay out plan and how to execute them. adda haan mi maawatan a ket idamag mi tu ladta (We can do this Sir and Ma’am, we will ask you if we can’t understand something).” He is Manong Floro Lubbayay, born and raised in the far flung barangay of Lucab, Kabugao, Apayao who amazes everyone with his carpentry skills despite his physical condition. As we trekked back to Barangay Poblacion, I voiced out my initial concerns with my supervisor. Do you think he can do the job? I asked him. He shrugged off my doubts and declared “Mabalin!” (He can!). I’m already familiar with that kind of response from my supervisor. He never says no and everything seems possible to him. I then smiled and shook off my doubts. KALAHISerye 2016|| 50

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