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On January 2017, after 5

On January 2017, after 5 fruitful years of being a parent leader, she has turned over the position to a co-beneficiary for her time has come to venture on something bigger. On the same month, she was appointed as Barangay Treasurer in Barangay Asob, Gusaran, Kabayan, Benguet. Her time as a parent leader has indeed been a fruitful one since through this, her efforts had been acknowledged thus landing her a job. Although she has given up her title as a Parent Leader, she still is active as a community volunteer for the KALAHI-CIDSS project, as well in the Sustainable Livelihood Program. In fact, they even have an association called the NARASUGI which sells rice and feeds. These knowledge she had acquired through her time as parent leader were not put in vain since she has been able to share it not only to her fellow beneficiaries but also to other constituents who were not included in the program. “Addu met naadal ko gapu iti FDS, especially iti parenting. Adda realization mo nga “ayna, adu gayam iti nagkamaliam nga parent” isunga adda met pangalaam ti maiadvise mo kenya da nga haan nga pantawid benes. (I have learned a lot in our Family Development Sessions, especially in the discussions about parenting. There were realizations like “oh, I should have not done that to my kid or I could have handled that situation better”. With these (FDS learnings) we get to share to other non- Pantawid beneficiaries as well)”, she added. passed this on to all her children. “Uray tatta ma’am nga nagkasar kami ni lakay ko, hannak jay asawa nga agururay lang iti maiawid ni lakay, agbirok ak iti maicontribute ko tapno mas nalaka ti biag mi – ta kitaen yo met, adu annak mi, haan mi kaya nga maymaysa lang iti agtrabaho, kailangan nga agtulungan kami nga agasawa. (Even now that we’re married, I’m not the type to just wait around for my husband’s take home, I also look for ways to help earn money for our lives to be easier. See we have four children, and we cannot do it with just one of us working. We need to help each other)“, Dorta said. Given that Pantawid Pamilya is already into transition, Dorta is confident that she and her family are ready to graduate from the program. She is thankful for all the years they have been beneficiaries and is hopeful that their gradual transitioning from subsistence to self-sufficiency will be continuous in the hopes of breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty that they are currently into. Indeed a woman can do whatever she put her mind into, from a housekeeper to a barangay treasurer. She just needs the right motivation. If we make change work for women, we can be rest assured that women will make the necessary change. KALAHISerye 2016|| 63 MORE THAN A MOTHER, SHE IS A WOMAN Aside from being a loving mother to her children, Dorta also embodies a strong, independent, and will-powered woman. At an early age, she was taught that being a woman is not a limitation to go further and achieve greatness. Although she married early, she still made sure she has that identity and has

BUILDING SKILLS, BUILDING DREAMS Nerizza Faye G. Villanueva “Unaek pay nga makalpas dagitti kakabsat ko. Amin nga sakripisyok ket parakenyada ta nakapsoten ni nanang ken tatang ko nga agtrabaho. (I will let my siblings finish their studies first. All of my sacrifices are because of them since my parents are already weak).” “K ayat ko nga maka-eskwela dagitti kakabsat ko nga babae nga ub-ubing ngem syak ta madik nga agtrabaho da idyay garden ta narigat iti trabaho idyay (I want my younger female siblings to go to school because I don’t want them to work in the farm because it is hard to work there)”, 21- year old Lemar Sagandoy shared. “Kayat ko nga dak-dakel iti maitulong ko iti pamilyak. Kayat ko met nga maipakita nu anya ti kayak nga aramiden (I want to give more assistance to my family. I also want to show them what I am capable of doing)”,23 year old Mary Rose Somera said. These were the answers of Lemar and Mary Rose when asked on their aspirations. Both are from Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program households in Kapangan, Benguet. Their families belong to the 50 Pantawid Pamilya households that have been granted the opportunity to undergo the skills training funded under the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). KALAHISerye 2016|| 64

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