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MESSAGES The Kalahi-CIDSS project is a proof that grassroots centered development is a positive way in addressing the issues of rural communities that are too often neglected because of geogprahical terrain and limited budget. Featured in the pages of this material are stories of empowered communities who took upon themselves the task of building their dreams of a sustainably developed community. The participation of each member of the community led to a more dynamic process with the voices of the different sectors being heard. The retelling of history also rekindled their camaraderie and passion to work as a community. The work that has to be undertaken prior to the cutting of ribbons or turn-over of key of responsibilities is unarguably tedious. Recipient communities are socially equipped through countless seminars, trainings and meetings. The long process makes the completion of the project even more meaningful as it symbolizes unity and the collective desire of communities to succeed. KALAHISerye 2016|| v This serye is a testament that the people, when given the right tools and necessary knowledge can create the building blocks that they need to achieve development. Yes, the projects are basic, from pathways to health centers, but these are the first steps that inspire communities to make bigger and bolder steps especially in ensuring that they partner with the local government in bringing development to their communities. JANET P. ARMAS Director III/OIC-Regional Director

MESSAGES Years after its first implementation, the Kalahi-CIDSS program has already helped hone communities out of poverty by mobilizing volunteers who are driven in reaching the same goal: better life for all. DSWD pushed its partner communities to work together for their development which includes structures and road improvements which lead to easier access to basic resources, conducive learning facilities for students, potable water, and safe crossways. These are products of partnership with volunteers who have passion for transformation. Their personal stories in their collective efforts for the development of their communities are commendable. In this compendium, we present these stories as inspiration for those who believe that there is still hope in adversity as long as unity binds a community’s diversity. These stories serve as ripples of the goodness and volunteerism these people have shared and contributed towards development. We hope that these will be read throughout generations to come. For all our community partners and supporters, all gratitude belongs to you. Let us all continue to keep the spark of volunteerism and good work until we gain genuine and sustainable development in all communities across the region and the country as well. MARYGRAIL B. DONG-AS OIC Assistant Regional Director-Operations KALAHISerye 2016|| vi

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