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BUSINESS A.M. FEBRUARY, MONDAY 12 - SUNDAY 18, 2018 4 NEWS UK offers initiative for holistic approach to infrastructure devt in Africa Business a.m. UK HAS IN- DICATED that it NEWS would increase its efforts to work closer with African governments and private sector on infrastructure development through a vehicle, the Africa Infrastructure Board. On the sidelines of the Mining Indaba in Cape Town last Friday, the UK government and private sector presented the Africa Infrastructure Board and emphasized the unique proposition UK companies and government could offer in providing a holistic approach to infrastructure development in Africa. The UK Department for International Trade (DIT) hosted a number of African delegations attending the Mining Indaba at a roundtable to present the Africa Infrastructure Board. “This is an initiative that brings together and puts the case forward for choosing the UK as an ideal partner not only to develop projects in the mining sector but to create a holistic solution that will benefit the wider community by developing the associated infrastructure around the project,” a statement from the DIT read. Nigel Casey, the High Commissioner of UK to South Africa, said that the UK would be increasing its efforts to work closer with African governments and private sector. “Mining projects are much more than just mining,” he said, adding that they don’t work without the associated infrastructure. He noted that the UK was conscious that there is plenty of competition out there when it comes to offering comprehensive solutions to African partners. “We felt the need to up our collective game,” he said, “and create a new government industry partnership called the Africa Infrastructure Board, which brings together all the players in the UK whether that is government through DFID, or UK Export Finance, one of our best kept secrets, or the deep pockets of the Commonwealth Development Corporation (CDC), and private sector operators, all operating in one single place to offer an end to end solution.” Oliver Andrews, chief investment officer at the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), who was one of the panelists during the roundtable, noted how DFID, the UK’s government development arm, was instrumental in developing the model currently being used in infrastructure project financing. Craig Sillars from the Department for Trade showcased a number of projects where opportunities in the mining sector are being structured in a way that truly develops the infrastructure and act as a catalyst to develop other sectors. The UK DIT, for example, is working with a UK investor in Angola on resurrecting an iron ore mine. But as well as the mine they are developing a smelter, which will ensure in-country beneficiation of natural resources, and that will involve the extension of an existing railways, and the expansion of a port. “There will be 600MW of power attached to that,” he went on to add, “and 25,000 of agriculture land provided grow biomass to help provide charcoal for the smelter.” “The approach we are taking,” he told the participants, “is to produce masterplans that will benefit the communities not only for the next four to five years but the next 60, which is what we are doing in Angola, and that when the mining project is finished the infrastructure will continue to benefit the whole region.” Francis Gatare, CEO of the Rwanda Mining Petroleum and Gas Board, had said that most of the Rwandan involvement with the UK had been through government, but that private sector interest was growing. This is an initiative that brings together and puts the case forward for choosing the UK as an ideal partner not only to develop projects business a.m. Accra conference to boost sustainable development in West Bukola Odufade Businessnewscorp Limited Nigeria, NEWS publishers of business a.m. and has said that in order for organisations and businesses in West Africa to balance the three pillars of sustainable development, social progress, economic growth and environmental protection, they have to integrate sustainability in their everyday business. To this end, the company has concluded plans to host a two-day conference that will bring together different organisations and businesses, as well as government and civil society groups focused on the issues around sustainability with and aim to share ideas and proffer solutions to the challenges that confront organisations anf governments engaged or trying to engage the subject. In the statement released by the company on at the weekend in Lagos, Amadi Iheukwumere, chief operating officer, of Businessnewscorp Limited said: “There is need for more businesses in countries in West Africa, large, multi-national and even small and medium sized businesses to integrate sustainability in their everyday business so as to help bring solutions to the myriad of problems and challenges of poverty, unemployment, environmental degradation and disease in the region.” He said that as sustainable businesses look beyond their walls to support society through corporate social responsibility projects and broader sustainability initiatives, in order for them to make more impact, sustainable companies have to collaborate, working with others to make these initiatives more impactful and more largescale oriented. With the maiden event set to be held in Ghana, the focus of the conference is on West Africa as a sub-region and an exploration of the dynamics and role of businesses investing to impact lives and society. The conference will also seek to elevate discussions and debates on issues around how government could encourage businesses to be involved in sustainable economic “The conference will also seek to elevate discussions and debates on issues around how government could encourage businesses to be involved in sustainable economic agendas and how businesses are responding to challenges posed by the environment, climate change; as well as issues around clean energy and health,” he continued. Iheukwumere noted that the aims of the event is to provide innovative solutions to challenges of the market, create platforms for agenda setting and idea generation and sharing; and impact indi- vidual, institutional, business and economic growth across West Africa. The discussions at the conference will address the sub– region’s capacity to increase its global competitiveness on all fronts and build resilient economies in the face of globalisation. Targeted and expected dignitaries, speakers and panelists, include Nana Akufo– Addo, the president of Ghana; Christine Evans – Klock, UN resident coordinator, Ghana;, Ola Bello, executive director, Good Governance Africa (GGA); Adejoke Orelope Adefulire, Senior Special Assistant to the Nigerian president on Sustainable Development Goals. Others are Ijeoma Nwagwu, faculty member, Sustainability Centre, Pan Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria; Samuel Agbevem, Partner and Practice Lead, Sustainability and Climate Change, Ernst & Young, Nigeria; Omobolanle Victor– Laniyan, Head, Sustainability, Access Bank Plc, Oluwasoromidayo George, Director, Corporate Communications, Unilever, West Africa. L-R: Nnaemeka Achebe, obi of Onitsha; Christopher Kolade; Anya O. Anya, and Ufot Udoeme, group managing director, SO &U, at the 15th annual lecture of the Centre for Value and Leadership in Lagos Returns, members contribution push pension assets to N7.7trn in FY:2017 Steve Omanufeme Nigerian pension assets NEWS have risen to over N7 trillion as at end-2017, according to data released recently by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). The data, which shows a breakdown of pension assets and retirement savings account (RSA) membership, indicated that as at December 2017, total Fund Assets Under Management (AUM) was valued at N7.5 trillion, up 22.0 percent year on year and 4.9 percent quarter on quarter from N6.2 trillion and N7.1 trillion in FY:2016 and Q3:2017 respectively. Similarly, total number of registered RSA holders grew 6.5 percent year on year and 1.5 percent quarter on quarter to 7.8 million people from 7.3 million and 7.7 million individuals as of FY:2016 and Q3:2017 respectively. Analysts at Afrinvest attribute the impressive growth in pension assets (which was higher than 16.1% in FY:2016) to increase in members’ contribution as well as impressive return on investments (ROI) generated by pension fund administrators (PFA) in a favourable investment climate of high yield on fixed income securities and bullish sentiment in the equity market. However, the historical risk aversion of PFAs, they said, remains evident in asset allocation strategy as the ratio of government securities to total assets stayed at peak level of 72.4 percent with FGN bonds and treasury bills the dominant holdings. Assets remained skewed to FGN bonds (53.8% of total assets), up 4.4% Q-o-Q to N4.0 trillion from N3.9 trillion in Q3:2017. PFAs also invested in recently introduced debt instruments in the domestic market such as the Sukuk and Green Bonds issued in the quarter while reducing their positions slightly in treasury bills and agency bonds - down 7.3 percent and 0.5 percent Q-o-Q respectively. Data equally indicated that domestic equity security assets surged 34.3 percent Y-o-Y to N672.2 billion, the fastest annual growth since 2013, against the backdrop of improved sentiment in the equity market which buoyed returns and probably led to additional investments. “Yet, the ratio of ordinary shares holding (domestic and foreign) to total assets in FY:2017 (10.3%) remained below regulatory cap of 20.0%. Similarly, total PFA portfolio invested in infrastructure funds was estimated 0.1% compared to regulatory cap of 5.0%,” the Afrinvest analysts noted. Since the Pension Reform Act of 2004 was passed into law, pension assets have recorded steady growth and PFAs have now become the largest non-bank domestic institutional investor base; yet, they have faced increased criticism for risk aversion and perceived asset-liability mismatch due to high concentration of assets in risk-free government securities. In their defense, the relatively small size of pension assets (in comparison to GDP and Middle Income Countries), volatility in macroeconomic indicators and weak enforcement of contracts make the case for investing in risk assets and infrastructure less compelling.

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