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wh school 1983

112 For most juniors and

112 For most juniors and seniors the main source of transportation is their cars. Each morning and afternoon students burn up the parking lot coming and going to school. These mechanical manifestations not only add to our comfort, but provide us with glorious excuses for being late. Examples are, "But, Mr. Peterson, I had car trouble,” or, "I got a ticket.” These ingenious inventions will continue to add grace and charm to our beloved W-Ff, as long as the administration allows it tol

Just as a good book must come to an end, so must a chapter in our lives at W-H. All of us have started as freshmen together, and oddly enough, some of us have been here eleven, twelve, and even thirteen years. Vet, we will all graduate together. The senior class of 1983 proudly wishes the class of 1984 "GOOD LUCK” and fondly bid W-H a "FAREWELL.” First Row: C. Cluthe and J. Dugenio. Second Row: M. Thomas, S. Levine, J. Freidlander and D. Warren. Third Row: P. Leibow, T. Pogosky, G. DeCastro, J. Bradish and Mrs. Jessie W. Hoffman. Row 1. S. Rhiter; t . Conti; M. H w a ;t. Bart; L. Hertzberg Row 2. M. Carter; A. Manzelli; L. Berg; R. Bailey; A. Rugh Row 3. J. Rochat; C. Carey abs. R. Judkins; L Berg HONOR ROLL Ward law Kindergarten 1971 Jeffrey A. Friedlander Bruce W. Lackland First Grade 1972 Todd S. Pogosky Mark J. Thomas Second Grade 1973 Robert J. Darden Hartridge Eileen R. Conti Ellen S. Bart Julie L. Casagrande Margaret E. Carter 113

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