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% m in t Politicians in modern America have been subject to vilification and abuse from the Viet Nam War to the Watergate Scandal to the Buford Coverup. Student Council at W-H is no exception, having suffered through early frustrations to reach a successful conclusion to the year. Always in the difficult situation of mediating between the administration and the student body, the Council must be composed of diplomats and statespeople as well as firebrands and radicals, and this group met the bill. Under the leadership of Jill Kenny, the Council helped to provide a forum for such important student issues as dress code and senior lounge. The patch of blue in the hallway is a tribute to Council activism, as is the new clarity in the Student Handbook concerning clothing. The Student Council joined in efforts to keep the cafeteria clean by use of financial incentives, a noble if marginally successful enterprise. The Council regained its stride in arranging the Valentine’s Day dance and a well-executed Carnation Day. Certainly this year’s Student Council showed spirit, and carried on the proud tradition of student government at W-H. LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING: S. Burgess. N. Arkoulakis, J. Kenny, S. McMullen, J. Sorger. SECOND ROW: K. Conti, M. Petrocelli, M. Reyes. D. Lomnitz, C. Maliin, A. Vlahos, K. Lomnitz, D. Lewis, J. Lazar, K. Salomone. MISSING: S. Sweetwood, K. Robinson. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. LEFT TO RIGHT: Corresponding Secretary, Susan Burgess: Secretary, Nolis Arkoulakis-, President, Jill Kenny: Vice President, Sean McMullen: Treasurer, Jill Sorger. 124

0 0 ic e % TWELFTH GRADE OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT, SEAT­ ED: Cindy Mallin: President, Alex Helander, Vice President, Eileen Conti. STANDING: Karen Lomnitz-, J. Friedlander: Masako Shimamura. ELEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Dan Brotman; Vice President, Michelle Jerrold-, Alex Vlahos. STANDING: Susan Sweetwood: Claudine Nicora: President, Brian Culp. Ninth Grade O fficers TENTH GRADE OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marcel Lissinna; Vice President, Pam Melchionna: President, Beth Flynn: Shari Salomone. NINTH GRADE OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: Kathleen Conti: President, Nathan Kaplan: Vice President, Jane Varusi. STANDING: Roger Wood: Michael Lim; David Lomnitz. Eleventh Grade O fficers Twelfth Grade O fficers Tenth Grade O fficers 125

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