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( f j/ e e {U u h What cheers the heart like the wings of song? What binds the hoops of friendship tighter than lifting voice in common measure? What stirs the silence of passing time and quiets the churlish cotillion of its passing like a sweet, sweet ballad? The love of music and the joy of voices have always been appreciated and cultivated at Wardlaw and at Hartridge. While today, in a busy time and in a larger school, we have several choruses and a band, in former times the Glee Club was the center for singing souls, whose concentration, if nothing else, can still be noted in the photographs. W-H may, as time revolves on itself again, find students gathering 'round a piano, singing the old school song. CLOCKWISE FROM UPPER LEFT: Wardlaw Glee Club> Wardlaw Glee Club Christmas Concert; Ten of Harts, LEFT TO RIGHT; Frances Gaston, Judy Beck. Karen Kolseth, Kathy Sauker, Nancy Loiseaux, Betsy Laidlaw. Rae Hanewald. Peggy Ann Peters, Beverly Day, and Janet Roberts-, Ten of Harts, Wardlaw Glee Club, informal singing. Ten of Harts Informal Singing

This year’s Varsity Singers under the leadership of Mr. Frederick Fischer has undergone a number of changes. This is Mr. Fischer’s first year at Wardlaw-Flartridge and he has created new interest and enthusiasm in the music department. In the past. Varsity Singers has always been a very small group, but this year we have the biggest group in Wardlaw Hartridge history. Some of the pieces performed included Fugue in C minor, Holy Night, I Write the Songs, and Alleluia. This year, for the first time, many of the pieces were accompanied by members of the band. By combining the talents of the band and the singers Mr. Fischer managed to produce two more-than-successful concerts this year, and we can look forward to many more in the future. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: M. Samek, M. Pittis, K. Conti. C. Warner, M. Thompson, Mr. Fischer. SECOND ROW: C. Durham, V. Henry, E. Kossowicz, A. Sadaty, S. Sweetwood, B. Culp, D. Hall. THIRD ROW: C. White, C. Cotman, M. Ware, S. Williams, C. Capio, M, Beberman, S. McMullen, S. Ashton. TOP ROW.- K. Robinson, M. Burleson, A. Moore, P. Feeney. S. Duncan, E. Eckert, P. Prasser, A. Vlahos, S. Keller. LEFT TO RIGHT: Dawn Lewis, Jocelyn Lubach, Joy Butler. 127

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