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(j £ i < i ) n a The Wardlaw-Hartridge Drama Club has been acknowledging the school’s Centennial by celebrating the past while it enjoyed the present. It was a year when contacts were renewed with cast members who had participated in productions which stretch back over our years on Inman Avenue. Names like Holly Delanoy from The Young Elizabeth, Joe Abrams who was in All My Sons or Mary Beth Fisher from the cast of Anastasia. Other faces brought back memories of other productions .......... Tom Glasser in Bang, Bang Beruiti Mo Conti in The Diary of Anne Frank-, Frank Reda and Gina Kazimir in Crown Matrimonial) Bob Muccilli in Sunrise at Campabello and Martin McDougall in Charley's Aunt. The title of Wardlaw-Hartridge productions, and the names of the people who worked in them, seemed endless. But they all conspired to set the tone and the standards for the current members of the Drama Club in their production of My Three Angels, whose cast included Jeremy Eisenberg> Ruth McDougall, Susan Sweetwood) Alex Helanden David Russ and Nolis Arkoulakis. And the director of all these productions was and remains Alexander McDougall. 130


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