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NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Although it is one of the lesser known and more select groups in W-H, the National Honor Society fulfills several functions in the school. As its name implies, the W-H NHS is actually a branch of a nationwide organization, comparable to the Key Club. Every year, juniors are selected by the faculty on the basis of academic record and personal character. As seniors, these students form an active core of the following year’s NHS, although more seniors are inducted into the society at graduation. In the beginning of this year, the seven NHS members held officer elections under the supervision of faculty advisor Mrs. McMullen. Seven positions varying from Secretary to Historian were created in a burst of goodwill so that all members would possess a title after their names. To increase autonomy, the purchase of sweaters bearing the society monogram was discussed along with several fundraising proposals. However, the most important practical function served by this organization is the tutoring program. Students experiencing academic difficulty can speak either with a society member or contact Mrs. McMullen, and tutoring sessions are organized with a member who is free during the same periods. More often than not, all the involved students benefit from the relationship as can be attested by improved grades and satisfied accounts by tutors. HALL PATROL The hall patrol is a group of students who volunteer their time between classes to keep the halls in order. Though others believe that they took the job "just to get out of class" the true hall patroller is dedicated to his/her duties. Their main concerns are to keep the halls spotlessly clean and to eradicate loitering in the halls. The patrollers have carried out this great responsibility admirably although this was only their second year in existence. The hall patrol performs an invaluable service during the hectic inter-period minutes of the school day. Various methods are used by the hall patrollers to enforce rules. Senior Karen Lomnitz relies on the guilt trip, while senior Alex Helander, leader of the "B” deck patrollers, uses violence to keep his deck in order. HONOR SOCIETY: LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: R. Brandi, S. McMullen, D. Lombardi, J. Butler, M. Shimamura, E. Bart. STANDING: E. Conti. HALL PATROL: LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: N. Arkoulakis, E. Conti, V. Geissler, K. Lomnitz. SEC­ OND ROW: J. Kenny, C. Mallin, A. Helander, J. Sorger. THIRD ROW: D. Lombardi, S. McMullen, V. Venezia. STANDING: A. Vlahos, J. Friedlander. MISSING: K. Robinson, R. McDougall. Faculty advisor Mrs. McMullen chats with members Ellen Bart and Sean McMullen. 132

The stage crew, headed by Mrs. Ina Mahoney (Pollack), was responsible for building the sets for the play 'My Three Angels’ and the musical 'Guys and Dolls’. The stage crew’s work is essential to the success of both the drama club and the music department. The stage crew put in a lot of time and effort in building and preparing the sets. A stage crew meets every day after school to turn plywood, cardboard, and canvas into the realistic sets used in the play and the musical. Members not only build the sets, but also control the lighting, curtains and special effects during the performances. Although they themselves go unseen, the stage crew deserves as much recognition as the performers themselves. LEFT TO RIGHT, KNEELING: A. Marcus, L. Williams. K. Conti, C. Stevenson, J. Letter. MIDDLE ROW: S. Greenberg, T. McDonald, S. Fuller, E. Moody, P. Sullivan, M. Singleterry, K. Keizer, Ms. Pollack, B. Buzzi, M. Whitken, S. Sayre. TOP ROW: M. Bowman, A. Patel, J. Wilsted, C. Fischer, C . Ball, J. Fabricatore, G. Lazar. MISSING: J. Yarusi. 133

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