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service club ovvth under the direction of advisor Doug Anderson. The club experiei.s' 1 as o when its dues were lost between W-H and the district nc headquarters. The club received admonitory letters and was virtually dropped from the international organization. But with president Joel Sorger leading the way, the club’s charter was restored. However, many of the club’s members were left shocked and stunned. Nevertheless, the Key Club did take part in some worthwhile causes this year. In conjunction with the Red Cross, the Club ran the annual blood drive, as well as aiding the Red Cross in a fundraising drive. In addition. Key Club helped in the Star Fish Thanksgiving food drive. On the other hand, some of the Club’s efforts were purely for fun. They did take their annual trip to Great Adventure, and rumor has it that several members were eligible candidates for the Key Club $1.98 Beauty Show. Despite their difficulties, the Key Club has made this a fruitful year and marches soundly into the future at W-H. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: V. Geissler. J. Kenny, E. Goldstein, FIRST ROW SEATED: A. Yoder, B. Flynn, P. W ysock, J. Sorger, J. Bross, M. Reyes. SECOND ROW: B. McCormack, A. Helander, P. Melchionna, C. Mallin, V. Venezia, M. Samek. THIRD ROW-, J. Casagrande, D. Lewis, E. Eckert, S. Botlagudur, J. Yusko, D. Park. FOURTH ROW; S. Sweetwood, E. Kossowicz. B. Del Vento, J. Casagrande, W. Savitt. FIFTH ROW: A. Marcus, M. Singleterry, K. Conti, C. Stevenson, L. Minard, C. Durham. WALL: M. Burleson, P. Sullivan. Mr. Anderson-Advisor, B. Culp, N. Arkoulakis, A. Vlahos, B. Lackland, K. Salomone, D. Brotman, J, Sorger, K. Lomnitz. E, Conti. KEY CLUB OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Venezia-Vice President, J. Sorger-President, J. Kenny-Secretary, A. Vlahos-Treasurer, D. Anderson- Faculty Advisor.

Chess is an absolutely grueling game. It is a fierce psychological battle between two combatants who must combine patience, a sharp mind, and the killer instinct in order to succeed. One must possess the ability to manipulate complex operations, retain abstract gambits, and deploy logical conundrums, all within the confines of the mind. The Chess Club presented here displays these qualities and others. Within the chambers of Wardlaw- Hartridge, this club not only held no meetings but did not even possess a chessboard. Despite these drawbacks, President Mike Beberman, utilizing a winning strategy, was able to corner the sophisticated Tempora et Mores staff into allowing a club picture to be done and then rooked them into picturing the author of the checkmate. However, in the club’s last meeting, two students did compete for the championship (of seniors who had third period free). DEVELOPMENT CLUB: LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: P, Melchionna, J. Sheedy, E. Michelson, C. Embrey, J. Yarusi, SECOND ROW: S. Cooper, E. Jensen, M. Bowman. BACK ROW: C. Klein, Mr. Pearson. SITTING: D. Lomnitz; S. Martini P. Wysock; M. Grubai President, M. Beberman; C. Capio. STANDING: R. Sadaty; M. Lim; D. Holtzman The development club welcomes students of all ages to join their ranks in the Development Office. Anyone with a free period can contribute his/her manual dexterity to perform such mundane but essential tasks as stuffing envelopes or assembling the pages of the Beacon. The beauty of this type of work is that it frees the mind and tongue whilst occupying the digits. Thus, some of the most entertaining converstations in the school take place tucked away in the tiny Development Office. Simultaneously, the myriad office tasks essential to running the school are efficiently completed by the willing hands of the Development Club. 135

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