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wh school 1983

The Health Careers Club

The Health Careers Club consists of a group of students who are interested in pursuing careers in the health field. It is one of the more popular and most active groups in the school and it is open to the juniors and seniors. Under the leadership of Mrs. Theodora Napolitano the club has been able to go on several informative trips. Among these was a trip to Muhlenberg Hospital in which the students were made aware of the various careers available to them in the hospital. This presentation included a slide show, lecture and a tour of three of the hospital’s programs. The students found it to be an interesting and enlightening experience. Health Careers is one of the more important clubs in the school because it gives students a closer look at the field of medicine, a vocation to which many aspire. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW; L. Ziper, L. Hellinger, S. Williams, C. Stevenson, C. Mallin, J. Kenny, K. Lomnitz, E. Conti. E. Goldstein, V. Geissler, Mrs. Napolitano. SEC­ OND ROW; T. Pogosky, J. Grahill, D. Holtzman, S. Botlagudur, A. Adams, J. Sorger, A. Helander, V. Venezia. K. Perkins. E. Bart. THIRD RW: D. Zitner, C. Cotman, S. Sweetwood, S. Duncan, M. Shimamura, J. Casagrande, D. Lewis, M. Carter. K. Robinson, R. Rosengarten, N. Arkoulakis. TOP ROW; E. Kossowicz, A. Sadaty, A. Wallis. K. Cook, R. McDougall, D. Lombardi, J. Friedlander, F. Krause, G. Monaco, M. Samek. MISSING; D. Provenzano, D. Lacki WHEN HOSPITALS CUT COSTS.

LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: E. Medina, J. Fabricatore. R. Viscito, C. Embrey, SECOND ROW STANDING: A. Sadaty, S. Sweetwood, S. Reed, S. Cooper, S. Blair. BACK ROW STANDING: Mrs. LeFever. Mrs. LeFever has been known to go undercover to cut down on book theft. The Library follows in the great tradition of 1869 Cincinnati Public Library. libraries and srapt to make them attractively accessible to the public, is also a conspicuous feature of the post-Civif War decades. The library aides are students who volunteer to spend some of their free time in the library, either helping others to research material and find books, or making sure the library is run efficiently. There are many tasks involved in being an aide: restoring and cataloging books, running down obscure term paper references, checking out books, typing, and myriad other duties to make the library run smoothly. According to Mrs. LeFever "the library aides work very hard, and long hours, and do not really get anything for it, they really deserve more credit." The hardworking staff would no doubt agree, as they carry on the great work of the libraries; bringing culture and knowledge to the masses. 137

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