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138 Well, the Computer

138 Well, the Computer Age certainly has hit W-H! The Computer Department expanded so much this year that a whole classroom was needed for the computers. Under the direction of Mr. Jim Wise and Mrs. Rhona Eserner, Juniors and Seniors were offered courses in programming the Apple II computers, as well as an IBM personal computers. Younger students were welcomed to use the computers during their free time — that is, if the older students were nice enough to let theml Because of the limited number of computers, the program is still not as developed as it could be. Mr. Wise continually works to enlarge the department. The 50 computer students hardly support this, especially when they all have programs due on the same day. Learning how to write computer programs is a worthwhile talent to learn. When the students can balance their parents' checkbooks by computer, that will be the proof itself!

m u ET FIDRE5 LEFT TO RIGHT, SEATED: W. Savitt, J. Butler, D. Zitner. STANDING: T. Pogosky, M. Thompson, E, Medina, Faculty advisor Mrs, Gubelman. Prior to the creation of the Literary Magazine, Wardlaw writers could be published in a variety of other texts, including the 1925 Tempora et Mores from which 'The Eternal Triangle’ is taken. At Hartridge, less formal settings could also be enjoyed, such as reading before the fireplace. P R IZ E STORY T H E E T E R N A L T R IA N G LE (A Geometric Fantasy) I ^ nR IA X G L K O N E gazed at Triangle Tw o dreamily. "Ah, if Vfc./ only w*e were congruent." she murmured. “How handsome he is with his arm equal t one half his hypotenuse and—why. I wonder —" she broke off as her glance Cell upon herself. "I have a right angle and somewhere L ie heard that all right angles art- equal. I)o yon Suppose we miyht he equal to each o th er'" H er voice became lowered as she com pared iter dainty lines with those of T riangle Two. "H ullo, there. Kiddo," hixatged a hass voice, rudelv awaken n r Triangle Ofle from her reverie. "W hy so silent'" Triangle One 1>1 lished from the tip of her base to the top of her vertex, and casting a swift glance in the direction of T riangle Two. answered primly. "I was thinking, air." and relapsed into her day dreams. B ut they had assumed a new angle. The person who addressed her svas no less than Theorem X X V . who said. "Tw o right triangles are congruent d the arm and hypotenuse of one are equal respectively to the arm and hypotenuse of the other." In the meantime Theorem X X V had been busy. "H 'm ," he mused, stroking his hypothesis pensively. "W ho would have guessed i t T h e r e 's romance even among the triangles." anti be made his way to where Triangle Two sal moodily staring into spate. H e whispered "i his ear. and immediately Triangle Two shot into the uir. nearly falling off Ills base. "W hat!” he shouted, throwing a cursory glance at Triangle One. I’Arc yon su re '-* his voice lievame lowered. "H ow do yun know '" Theorem X X V again whispered for a m inute in Ins ear and hjs face cleared taking mi a blissful expression. All right. I ll try." be promised, and Theorem X X V jum ped hack into place, conscious of having done hts best to further romance. iPlPDPR ET ( T O Softly Triangle Two called to Triangle One. She started guiltily, and then smiled at him "Y es'” she wbisjiered quietly. "Kr. do you, are you. have you—” floundered Triangle Two miserably. This was ticklish work, hang it, proposing to a triangle. But lie started again. "Have you an angle equal to sixty degrees'’' he asked kindly, trying not to appear flustered. "Why, yes. I have," cooed Triangle One, happily, “Have you?” “Yes." he returned breathlessly, “ That makes your base equal to half your hypotenuse. How long is vour hypotenuse?" Triangle One blushed again. W as this quite proper, being asked how long her hypotenuse was' Then she made a dash for it, for proper or improper as it might be, she wasn’t going to let a chance like this slip by, " It’s, it's t - two inches," she faltered. “ H urray." shouted her lover, "so is mine ! That means we’re congruent. doesn't it ?" But Triangle One was clever; also she was a lady. She was not going to apjiear too eager to lie congruent, so she stalled for time. "I don’t know." She hesitated, as though puzzled. “Can you prove it?" “Ton bet.” came back the distant voice of Triangle Two, already tearing through the pages on a hunt for axioms. In a minute he was hack, rather breathless and dishevelled, triumphantly clutching axiom one. “Here he is. read him.” Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other” Crowed Triangle Two. exultantly. “And since your base is equal to my base, and your base is one-half vour hypotenuse. then my hypotenuse must equal your hypotenuse." "Just proved," squealed axiom one, as he scuttled away. "So my darling, we are congruent." murmured Triangle Two. laying his arm along hers. And they were married bv the Statement, who chanted sonorously, in an important voice, "Two triangles are congruent if they can be superposed." and Triangle One fell into the arms of Triangle Two. who had sealed their marriage with that indissoluble bond.—Q. E. D. F rances I vOuise S ea m a n, ’25. The Literary Magazine is a wonderful outlet for creative students. It is a collection of the poems, the stories, and the drawings done throughout the year. At the end of the school year, all students receive a copy of the magazine, even if the staff has to stay up the entire night before graduation to arrange it. Faculty advisor Barbara Gubelman continually seeks to increase the number of students who contribute to the Magazine. Students are always encouraged to contribute to this forum of ideas and images. It is one of the unique opportunities that students with artistic interests and abilities are offered. 139

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