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f^Judio Ifiira / C€ lu b The Audio-Visual Club is involved with all functions concerning the videotape machine. Their major duty is to tape any sports events requested by coaches and to play back the tapes for team viewing. To coordinate assignments among club members, faculty advisor Mr. Keur regularly distributes questionnaires and calendars, producing one of the most prompt and efficiently run clubs in the school. After receiving assignments, the students become basically independent. Unsupervised, they are responsible for both the A-V room keys and the safety of the equipment. Novices work with the more experienced members to hone their tracking, filming, and zoom skills. Most learn the hard way that the equipment contains an automatic audio-recording device that objectively retains the oaths uttered feelingly close to the machine, and replays them for the reviewing sports teams. Many have vivid recollections of working on the tower swaying in a freezing wind to tape field hockey games, while others remember the time the machine obstinately refused to record, stumping even veteran filmers, until Mr. Keur was summoned and plugged in a cord. While providing an entertaining and educational experience, the A-V club welcomes any number of new people, male or female, as long as they are eager to learn the basics of motion filming and are willing to spend a few late afternoons at school to gain firsthand experience. LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW. R. Friedman, M. Koplowitz, A. Kenny-Vice President, M. Shimamura, V. Venezia-President, D. Hall, M. Moskowitz. SECOND ROW-. A. Conner, T. Clark, D. Cooper, C. Capio, J. Sorger, A. Helander, S. Rothstein, C. Daniels. THIRD ROW: J. Fabricatore, D. Giles, R. Wood, S. Botlagudur, J. Yusko, C. Moody, D. Crockett. TOP ROW, A. Sawhney, R. Gallmon, D. Dworkin, S. Dunn, S. Greenberg, T. Swales, R. Brandi. MISSING: S. Greenberg. 140

SP/ct Pd/uP Skiing is an exhilarating sport that is popular among all ages, and the W-H Ski Club supports itself through member partcipation, although guided by faculty advisors Mr. Evan Peterson and Dr. Les Rudnyanszky. In January the Ski Club headed for Mount Snow for some aftermid-term relaxation. Little did they know that their weekend trip would be extended another day by a blizzard that dumped three feet of snow! This spring the Ski Club was at it again, this time going up to Killington, Vermont. The trip, however, had been extended from one weekend to an entire week. As stated a ski club member, "The fun thing about going on the skiing trip is that you are able to go with your friends from school.” The few stragglers who did not want to go on the domestic trip to Killington chose instead to spend their week in Innsbruck, Austria, the famed ski capital of the world. There they were under the supervision of Mr. Peterson. But as some of the skiers stated, "It does not matter where you ski, as long as you ski-the longer the better.” LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: V. Venezia. S. Martin, M. Gruba, M. Lim, S. Burgess, L. Williams, L. Mackson, J. Banker, J. Yusko. SECOND ROW: V. Timpanaro, M. WFiitken, M, Reyes, J. Sorger, B. Moody, S. Sayre, A. Charlton, J. Letter, C. Capio. THIRD ROW: M. Bowman, P, Colangelo. D. Bouterse, M. Moskowitz, D, Welker, A. Helander, K. Munzel, C. Fischer, J. Wilsted, C. Russ. FOURTH ROW: G. Lazar. S, Greenberg, C. Daniels, M. Lissinna, A. Adams, D. Brotman, N. Arkoulakis, D.J, Morris, R. Popolo, Dr. Rudnyanszky.

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