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142 BEACON STAFF: FEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: D. Zitner, D. Fombardi, R. Brandi, E. Kossowicz, J. Butler, C. Embrey. A. Kenney. BACK ROW: D. Fewis, S. McMullen, A. Sadaty, F. Krause, C. Capio, S. Botlagudur, M. Petrocelli, S. Reed, F. Mackson. MISSING: C. Durham, J. Grahill, D. Fackl, D. Brotman, K. Robinson, M. Samek, E. Medina.

Once a month a group of journalistic geniuses put out a production containing lively lead stories, captivating columns, fascinating features, ample athletic accounts, and editorials with a strong stand. This presentation is The Beacon, and whether you scan one story and proceed to throw the paper on the floor, or whether you are deeply enthralled by each offering from front to finish, the newspaper is put together thoughtfully and carefully under the guidance of advisor Robert Paoli. From the school’s Centennial events to lower School news, from profiles of seniors to junior sports, if there is a story, the Beacon newsbreakers will be there to cover it. Pleaded by news editors Sean McMullen and Joy Butler, sports editor Rudy Brandi, and photo editor David Holtzman, the staff continues its unusually high standards of journalism. 'Beacon' Recognized By Scholastic Press by D. Neil Radey, '12 F i r s t p la c e f o r le tte r p re s s n e w s ­ p a p e rs o f b o y s’ p r iv a te sc h o o ls h a s b een a w a r d e d th e W a r d l a w Beacon in th e 4 5 th a n n u a l n e w s p a p e r- m a g a z in e c o n te s t h e ld a g a in th is s p r in g by th e C o lu m b ia S c h o la s tic P re s s A s s o c ia tio n , C o lu m b ia U n i ­ v e rs ity , N e w Y o r k C ity . T h e Beacon w a s o n e o f m o re th a n 1 ,8 0 0 sc h o o l n e w s p a p e rs a n d m a g a z in e s e n te r e d in th e c o n te s t. T w e n ty - f iv e a r e a n e w s p a p e rs r e ­ ceiv ed a w a r d s . FORM 111 NEWSPAPER At different times in previous years, boys at Wardlaw have produced the "Wardiawsun” , a school newspaper. This year the boys of Form 111 decided that they would like to produce a school paper. They secured the help of Mr. Chickering and put out the first copy of the "Grapevine” . As the yearbook goes to press, arrangements are being made for the production of a second copy. This was the first experience for many boys in newspaper work, and they are to be commended on a fine job. The newspaper staff also started the unique idea of a suggestion box in the front hall and through their efforts had the lunch period extended five minutes. "Hue And C ry” 143

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