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during the sixties, the i r tht photographer, or photo-journalist, has been one of glamour, danger, and sophistication. The darkroom crew at W-H reflects this same dashing spirit. While Major "Mad Max” Munzel trains young cadres in the basic techniques of rolling, shooting, and printing, the experienced senior staff flies off to far-away locations) the tennis courts, the Lower School, the Pingry School, to bring back pictures of exotic places and intriguing people. Led by the ever alert Dave Holtzman and the ace flight crew of K. Munzel, T. Stirrup, and Kid-Flash Charlie Daniels, this year’s staff amazed everyone with the espirit and speed with which they produced high-quality photographs. Aided by mercenary J. Grahill and sufficient doses of coca-cola, yodels, and dexatrim, the very atmosphere of the publications room crackled with energy. Next year’s recruits will have to struggle to match the panache of the dauntless darkroom demons. In all seriousness, Senior Editor David Holtzman was only threatened once with being made "shorter than you’ve ever been before.” He did win the race to finish the yearbook before being suspended, expelled, or killed barely. As one looks through the pages of Tempora et Mores one sees the results of Dave’s and the crew’s exploits. Well donel « il Also, special notice should be paid to Mr. Phillip Berkebile, who, without the admiration of the uninitiated, persevered another year in doing all the dirty work for photo club and advisor alike. Seen here in the typical posture of explaining the realities of shooting forty-five Health Careers Club members in one office, Mr. Berkebile has been an angel in wolfs clothing. LEFT TO RIGHT, STANDING: C. Daniels, J. Grahill, S. Botlagudur. SITTING; K. Munzel, D. Holtzman. LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Stirrup, J. Casagrande, Mr. S. Reed, J. Della Torre. SITTING; M. Thompson.

YEARBOOK EDITORIAL STAFF, LEFT TO RIGHT, SITTING: M. Shimamura, T, Pogosky, D. Lewis. STANDING: J. Lubach, M. Carter, D. Holtzman. Sfemfioba ibt fJl/lc/teb Tempora Et Mores is not only a yearbook filled with pretty pictures and interesting copy, but it is also a record that records the 1982-1983 school year of W-H. Members of the yearbook staff are responsible for taking pictures, writing copy, doing artwork, and designing the overall layout of each and every page. This is not an easy task since this yearbook not only covers this year but also the 99 years prior, after all, it is a centennial album! A special note should be added that if it were not for the photography club, this book would never have been published. This year’s staff was supervised and aided by Richard E. Brown while the Editor-in-chief was Todd S. Pogosky. Both worked relentlessly making plans to make the book a unique one. Several times, Mrs. Kinney’s room could be found with floor two to three inches thick with paper and photos, yet was miraculously clean by the next morning, except for the occassional picture of a horse drawn on the blackboard. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dark of night stayed the staff from working on this book. It was not uncommon for angry parents to phone or storm the school looking for their long- lost children, only to find them wandering between the pub, Mrs. Kinney’s room, or the bathroom. All in all, working on the Tempora Et Mores staff is an experience that will last forever in the memories of those who shared in this mysterious cult. No one will ever know the hidden exploits, except for the elect few. A fitting close, no doubt, to a century of yearbooks, and a resonant moment shared with our predecessors. YEARBOOK BUSINESS STAFF, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Bart, C. Mallin, T. Pogosky. The Business Staff in former times was a serious, strictly run affair, as opposed to today’s relaxed, coed club.

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