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wh school 1983

Chorus (9)i J.V.

Chorus (9)i J.V. Baseball (9,ll)i Varsity Baseball (12); Varsity Bowling (9), Co- Captain (10,11.12); J.V. Soccer (10), Varsity Soccer (12), Freshman Soccer (9)i Class Secretary (10,11,12); Class Treasurer (II); Health Careers Club (11,12); Treasurer (12). Keeping my mind on a better life Where happiness is only a heartbeat away Paradise-can it be all I heard it was / close my eyes and may be I ’m already there Styx You might have heard I run with a dangerous crowd We ain’t too pretty we ain't too proud We might be laughing a bit too loud But that never hurt no one -Billy Joel Better a short price than a long face -Anonymous 6 6

Varsity Tennis (11,12); Key Club (IU2)j Heath Careers (12); Ski Club (11,12); Production Staff (12); Hall Patrol (12)-, Prom Comm. (12); Wrestling Manager (12). Joy at the start Fear in the journey Joy in the coming Home Along the road your path may wander A pilgrim's faith may fail Absence makes the heart grow fonder Darkness obscures the trail Cursing the quest Courting disaster Measureless nights forbade Moments o f rest Glimpses o f laughter Are treasured along the road Along the road Your steps my stumble Your thoughts may start to stray But through it all a heart held humble level and rights your way Joy at the start Fear in the journey Joy in the coming home A part o f the heart is lost in the learning Somewhere along the road. -Dan Fogelberg jjLA jLj x Xj l / 67

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