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wh school 1983

Freshman Soccer (9),

Freshman Soccer (9), J.V. Soccer (IO-co-captain), Varsity Soccer (ll,l2-co-captain)> J.V. Tennis (9,10), Varsity Tennis (11,12), Chorale (9,11), Drama Club (10,11,12), Hall Patrol (11,12), Health Careers Club (10,11,12), Key Club (9,10.11), Musical (II), Video Tape Record Club (11,12), Varsity Club (12), Class President (12). "Desire for nothing except desirelessness, Hope for nothing except to rise above all hopes. Want nothing and you will have everything" -Avatar Meher Baba "People try to put us down, Just because we get around, Things they say are awful cold, Hope I die before I get old." -Pete Townsend “s , 72

$ jL O C L H & L u T > £ g / ? J.V.Field Hockey (9,I0,II)> J.V . Volleyball (10), Varsity Volleyball (11,12)) Varsity Softball (ll)( Mixed Chorus (9), Chorale (I0)i Library Aid (9)i Key Club (9,10)) Health Careers (10,11-Treasurer, 12-Vice-President) You see things, and you say "W hy?" But I dream things that never were, and I say "W hy n o t?” -George Bernard Shaw Happiness sneaks through a door you didn't know you left open. -John Barrymore 73

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