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wh school 1983

Varsity Bowling (IO,ll)>

Varsity Bowling (IO,ll)> Varsity Football (11,12), J.V. Baseball (IO)i Chorus (9)i Health Careers (I0,ll,l2)i Yearbook Business Staff (10,11,12), Beacon (12). For every man the world is as fresh as it was the first day. and as full of untold novelties for him who has the eyes to see them. -Thomas Hurley Ah. when to the heart o f man was it ever less than treason to go with the d rift of things, to yield with a grace to reason and bow and accept the end o f a love or a season? -Robert Frost Life isn’t easy from the singular side Down in the hole some emotions are hard to hide. -Billy Squier 76

Varsity Football (9,10-all state, ll-all state, 12- captain), Varsity Wrestling (9,10,11,12), Key Club (12), Varsity Club (11,12), Ski Club (11,12). Sometimes the lights are shining on me, Other times I can barely see. Lately it occurs to me, What a strange trip it's been. -Grateful Dead 77

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