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DREAM VARIATION Social Committee (9,10), Student Development (10), Band (10,11,12), Chorus (9), Chorale (10,11,12)-, Varsity Singers (10,11, & I2)> Musicals (8,9,10.11,12)-, Production Staff (10.12) >Key Club (9,12); Varsity Club (12), Production Club (11,12); Health Careers Club (11,12); Literary Magazine (12); Beacon Staff (10,11,12); Tempora Et Mores ( , Varsity Basketball (9 & 10), Pep Club (II); Prom Committee (11.12), Varsity LaCrosse (10,11,12); Varsity Sports Trainer’s Asst. (II), Mascot (II), Manager Varsity Field Hockey (10), NJISWAA All Star Team - B Division (Goalie). To fling my arms wide In some place o f the sun, To whirl and to dance Till the white day is done. Then rest at cool evening Beneath a tall tree While night comes on gently, Dark like me - That is my dream. To fling my arms wide In the face o f the sun, Dance, whirlI Whirl! Till the quick day is done. Rest at pale evening A tall, slim tree Night coming tenderly Black like me. -Langston Hughes

T o m m i e Freshman Soccer (9 )i Varsity Soccer (10,11,12 - Co-Captain)) Freshman basketball (9)> J.V. Basketball (I0)> Varsity (Il,l2)s J.V . Baseball (9 )i Varsity Golf (10,11,12 - Co-Captain)) Class President (9)> Beacon Staff (II,I2)> FHealth Careers Club (10,11,12 - President)) Varsity Club (I2)> National Flonor Society (11,12). I know there's more than meets the eye Like to see it 'fore I die for 'sure. Something tells me its all right Only one step farther to the door. There ain't no feelin', feels the same as find in' out the key Now I'm reelin', thinking o f the things that I might see. I'm not afraid to face the light I'm not afraid to think that I might fall. - Kansas What once was elusive is calling me now. - Kansas

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