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The Sooner - Agency presentation Case studies and examples of our work for campaigns and events


CANNES COCKTAIL October 2017 C artier was inviting their newest affialiates in parallel of an international trade show to their Cannes store and the Sooner was once again put in charge of the musical programming. We worked with the jazz band The Velvet Club, to create an intimate and elegant atmosphere. 10

SIHH DINERS January 2018 Like each year, Cartier hosted a series of events for their customers and retail partners across Geneva during the annual SIHH Fair. The Sooner came to advise and co-produce the events by handling every aspect of the musical direction. For the VIP customers diner, a jazzy atmosphere was created; a custom playlist and a performance by up-and-coming French artist Kimberose set the mood. And for two nights, le Chef at the Geneva airport was transformed into a Carioca restaurant, with a custom soundtrack and a couple of performance by live act Samba Com Polo. 11

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