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The Sooner - Agency presentation Case studies and examples of our work for campaigns and events


BAL DE LA ROSE March 2017 Marcadé events has been producing the world renowned Bal de la Rose for more than 20 years, for the 2017 edition they contacted the Sooner to help them with the music programming. The event, held in Monte-Carlo and hosted by the Royal family yearly since 1962 was founded by Queen Grace of Monaco. Karl Lagerfeld, the artistic director for the event had chosen the Vienna Secession as a theme for this year’s edition. Our particular mission was to find an Austrian DJ to entertain the 850 guests after the dinner. We booked Joja, quite famous in the Vienna club scene as a DJ and a musician and as the founder of the association V-ARE, promoting local talents. She worked the turntables, spinning a great mix of disco, house and funk tunes to be enjoyed by all the guests. 14

7UP - LEMON LEMON May 2017 In collaboration with the PR Agency Weber Shandwick (McCann Group), the Sooner worked on the global launch of the newest PepsiCo drink, the 7UP Lemon Lemon, a new sparkling lemonade. The first launch event took place in Paris, where European media, bloggers and influencers where invited to experience a ‘Picnic Time Off’ at the Café A, completely redesigned for the occasion. We booked the pop folk band Part-Time Friends to perform a live show for the VIP audience. They played another set on the next day, when the usual crowd of the café A was invited to discover the ephemeral Lemon Lemon set up. Once again, the crowd, the message of the brand and the music artistic direction blended perfectly to set the tone of the event. CLICK HERE To watch the teaser of the event 15

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