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The Sooner - Agency presentation Case studies and examples of our work for campaigns and events

Our days at Forward, a

Our days at Forward, a selection of campaigns and events Function and Modernity, Bally coming down December 2014 Forward carried on its collaboration with Bally on the occasion of the launch of their SS14 look book: a short film by Francesco Carrozzini, starring Singtank’s siblings Joséphine and Alexandre de la Baume, entitled Coming Down. The film, shot in the famous Harpel House, an American architectural landmark located in the LA hills, was the video expression of Bally’s newfound aesthetics and common values with Modernist design. The video was well received by the feminine and music media. CLICK HERE to watch the video 28

Our days at Forward, a selection of campaigns and events Function and Modernity, Bally off the grid December 2014 In order to break into the US market and drifting away from Modernist design, Bally undertook another artistic partnership on our advice, this time with lauded American hip hop artist J. Cole. The chart-topping rapper collaborated with Bally on the creation of a series of products including hiking boots and a backpack. Then, he flew to Jamaica to shoot an inspiring short film entitled Off the Grid directed by BBgun which tells the story of his creative journey with the Swiss fashion brand in an unexpected manner. The short film explores what happens to J. Cole, when he abandons his cell phone, computers, etc., and goes off the grid. The piece captures his journey through Jamaica, and the existential connections he makes with his surroundings. The audience is privy to an intimate and introspective journey, as Cole gets in touch with an unknown world, with the powerful nature and with himself. The short film was released on August 10th exclusively on, through a partnership with Esquire. 29

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