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The Sooner - Agency presentation Case studies and examples of our work for campaigns and events

Our days at Forward, a

Our days at Forward, a selection of campaigns and events encore sessions absolut April 2012 - March 2014 Reviving Absolut Vodka’s legacy as a patron of the creative community. We created a music show that combined the most sought after rising artists, intimate performances in NY’s hypest venue of that time, along with viral video content. Hosted at Le Baron Chinatown in NYC, the 2 first seasons of the ENCORE! Sessions were consisted in: 8 live music performances attended by VIPs and influencers / 8 music performances / 8 state-of-the-art videos recorded live and broadcasted online on a dedicated YouTube Channel. Participating artists included: LOU DOILLON JACUZZI BOYS theophilus london CITIZENS! paloma faith TOMORROW’S WORLD little dragon HOUSSE DE RACKET QUADRON LESCOP mndr WILD BELLE friends CHAIRLIFT is tropical NONONO the virgins EXIT MUSIC THE BIG PINK GAZELLE DAN BLACK GUS & SCOUT 40

Our days at Forward, a selection of campaigns and events absolut art bureau event Venice biennale June 2013 We imagined and produced Absolut event during the 2013 Venice Biennale at the iconic Bauer Hotel. French band Saint Michel performed on the hotel rooftop and the afterparty was held at le Baron. 41

Vritaanta Volume 4 Issue 2 August 2017
BUS 644 Complete Week 6 - Final Paper and DQs
BUS 644 Week 6 Final Paper
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