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The Sooner - Agency presentation Case studies and examples of our work for campaigns and events

Founded in 2016, our

Founded in 2016, our young agency already has the support of one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world, Cartier. éTOURDISSANT, Cannes, June 2015 DRIVE, Florence, June 2016 Brunch de noël, Paris, December 2016 For Cartier SIHH 2017, Genève, Janvier 2017 COCKTAIL, Cannes, September 2017 SIHH 2018, Genève, Janvier 2018 4

éTOURDISSANT June 2015 We were asked to find an artistic match to uplift the press presentation event of Cartier’s new highjewelry collection, étourdissant. We invited Jamie Cullum and Singtank to perform at the international press dinner on the Sainte Marguerite Island and produced the making of video of the event. A dedicated team was assembled to shoot and edit a 2 minute making of/ mood video for Cartier to use on their social media channels. CLICK HERE to watch the video on Cartier’s Facebook 5

Vritaanta Volume 4 Issue 2 August 2017
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