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The Sooner - Agency presentation Case studies and examples of our work for campaigns and events


SIHH DINER January 2017 CHRISTMAS BRUNCH December 2016 International events team organized their traditional VIP dinner during SIHH week in Geneva. To match the mood of the sophisticated event, we asked Alani and her two musicians, a harpist and a guitarist, to play during the cocktail. Then Theo Lawrence performed a short set before the end of the dinner. The French event team came to us to find musicians available to play during two retail events celebrating the Christmas season. VIP customers were invited to a brunch at their favorite Cartier stores (Champs Elysées and Rue de la Paix) and enjoy live performances by Blues duo, Lena & Pete, and the Jazzy band Bombay Trio. 9

Vritaanta Volume 4 Issue 2 August 2017
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