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Local Life - West Lancashire - March 2018

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30 though it’s two

30 though it’s two different countries they’re both fighting the same war, for the same cause.” Although events of World War II may seem like history now, for the family of George Lawson, life would never be the same. The heart-breaking news was relayed to George’s parents, May and Harry Lawson, via telegram. It would have informed the loss of the boat with some sort of condolence. It would also relay George’s name, rank, service number, what submarine, what service, the date of his death and who his parents were. But for the parents who had lost their eldest son from the futility of war, this telegram would have brought no comfort. “The bomb landed in the engine room” Years after the war, George Clandon’s eldest sister Linda said their grandmother May (George Lawson’s mother) kept to the story that there had been an accident on the Narwhal and a torpedo or mine had accidentally exploded. “My grandmother stuck to that story until she died, and she seemed to suppress any talk about her eldest son. “I emailed the submarine museum in Gosport, Portsmouth, and received an email back and was told my grandmother’s story couldn’t have been any further from the truth. “I was told everything, the pilot’s name, and what plane he was flying. The bomb landed in the engine room, and if George was there at the time it would have been a blessing.” George Lawson has his name on the roll of honour in St John’s Parish Church in Burscough and on the war memorial on Junction Lane. His body will never be removed from HMS Narwhal, and moves are now afoot to officially declare it a war grave. George, a retired plumber, is hoping to visit the site and maybe lay a wreath in memory of his uncle. “It wasn’t good or easy being a submariner, as submarines were limited during World War II and could only make limited trips, compared to modern ones which can go round the world and stay under water for a colossal amount of time. “The crew who perished deserve a shout as they did a terrifying job.” Polish historian Mr. Piotr Michalik explains to the Narwhal families how they found the British submarine

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