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54 Fish in parsley sauce

54 Fish in parsley sauce 6m+ This recipe introduces fish in a nutritious white sauce made from Nutramigen. Fish is a great source of protein and combined with the Nutramigen it also provides a significant amount of calcium and vitamin D. This is also a good recipe if you are struggling to get calories and protein into your infant’s diet, especially if you add the dairy-free cheese. Makes 1 toddler portion or 2 baby portions 150 g boneless white fish (fresh or frozen) Fresh parsley Nutramigen white sauce: 2 tbsp plain flour 1 tbsp dairy-free margarine 240 ml cold water 8 scoops of Nutramigen powder 1. Steam or microwave the fish, or alternatively poach it in a little Nutramigen, until soft and cooked through (approximately 5 minutes) 2. Make up the sauce: • Add the flour, margarine and water to a pan 3. Add the parsley to the sauce 4. Pour onto the fish or flake the fish into the sauce 5. Serve with mashed potato and vegetables. Check for bones before serving • Heat and whisk until smooth and the sauce thickens • Cool to serving temperature and then add 8 scoops of Nutramigen powder

55 Variations • For a cheese sauce, add 50 g grated dairy-free cheese (and soya-free if required) into the pan as you heat it • For a tomato sauce, add 1 tsp of tomato purée and a pinch of dried Italian herbs (optional) • If extra energy (calories) is needed, add 100 ml soya single cream or oat cream to the white sauce or 1 tbsp oil Tips • Purée, mash or chop as appropriate • The Nutramigen white sauce can be used in any recipe • Soya-free, dairy-free cheese is usually based on coconut, rice, almonds or peas so check the ingredients label carefully to ensure it is suitable. DO NOT use a lactose-free cheese as this will contain cow’s milk protein • This sauce can be made in a pan or a microwave. Use a whisk rather than a spoon when stirring it to prevent it going lumpy • Double the quantity and freeze in individual portions Recipes