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60 Custard 8m+ This

60 Custard 8m+ This milk-free custard is very versatile and can be added to fruit or baked desserts. As it is made with Nutramigen, it not only provides calories and protein, but also essential nutrients like calcium and vitamin D. Makes 1 toddler portion – do not freeze 1 tbsp of milk-free custard powder 180 ml water 6 scoops Nutramigen powder Sugar or fruit purée to taste 1. Mix custard powder to a paste with a small amount of the water then add the rest of the water 2. Gently heat until it thickens, stirring continuously so it stays smooth 3. Add the sugar or fruit purée to the hot custard to sweeten 4. When cooled to a safe feeding temperature, add the 6 scoops of Nutramigen powder Variations • Add banana or other puréed fruit

Potato pancakes 8–10m+ 61 This potato recipe contributes starch to a meal and together with the Nutramigen becomes a significant source of other nutrients like calcium and vitamin D. Makes 4 pancakes – do not freeze 25 g flour 130 ml Nutramigen (4 scoops powder to 120 ml water) 1 tsp sugar Pinch of salt (optional) 1. Place flour in a bowl and gradually add the Nutramigen, stirring continuously with a whisk 2. Add sugar, salt and grated potatoes 3. Heat oil in a pan and, using a small ladle, pour potato mixture into the frying pan 1 medium potato, finely grated Vegetable oil for frying 4. Cook for 2–3 minutes on each side (they need to cook for a little longer than normal pancakes) 5. Repeat until all mixture is used Tips • Make funny faces using olives, cucumber, slices of cold meat and dairy-free cheese • Sprinkle with sugar for a great tasting snack or treat • Serve as a savoury snack with cold meats or vegetables Recipes