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78 Meal planner for a

78 Meal planner for a 1–2 year old toddler This meal planner for a 1–2 year old toddler provides approximately 500 ml Nutramigen daily. The planner shows you how you can incorporate Nutramigen into your child’s diet to boost their nutritional intake and provide variety. Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Supper Evening Monday Porridge Fruit Tomato soup & bread with carrot sticks Tuesday Weetabix ®† Rice cakes Dairy-free cheese on toast with veg sticks Wednesday Semolina with apple purée Nutramigen yogurt-style fruit dessert Baked potato with beans Fairy cake Thursday Weetabix ®† Cheese scone Ham sandwich & veg sticks Fruit scone Sweet & sour chicken Beaker of Nutramigen Fruit smoothie Banana custard Beaker of Nutramigen Veg sticks, pitta bread & hummus Sausage stroganoff Beaker of Nutra migen Fruit Fruit Beaker of Nutramigen Friday Ground rice porridge with peach slices Rice cakes & cubes of dairy-free cheese Saturday Weetabix ®† Nutramigen yogurt-style fruit dessert Nutramigen yogurtstyle fruit dessert Broccoli & potato soup & toast Banana pancakes Fish in white sauce, mash & peas Beaker of Nutramigen Fruit Fruit salad Beaker of Nutramigen Sunday Porridge Fruit Savoury couscous Fruit smoothie Moussaka & salad Beaker of Nutramigen † With Nutramigen • Nutramigen in recipes will contribute to your child’s overall nutritional intake but they will still need to have regular drinks (water, Nutramigen, diluted fruit juice, etc.) throughout the day • Additional recipes can be found at

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