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Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions. Question What sets FreeMe product range apart from its competitors? What instant messaging services are included for free in the FreeMe product range? Can customers use their instant messaging services to make in-application calls? What are the out-of-bundle rates on the FreeMe product range? How long are the prepaid data bundles valid for? Answer • You get data plus the free IM benefit on not 1 but 3 IM applications. • You get free calls to Telkom fixed and Telkom mobile numbers for as long as you have the FreeMe contract, TopUp or Family plan. • You can send free texts to other South African networks. • You can get FreeMe as a SIM-only plan on a month-to-month contract. • What you see is what you pay – your subscription includes free CLIP and itemised billing via email. • For FreeMe Family users, you can share all of these great benefits between 4 SIM cards. • The same benefits that you get on contract or TopUp are also available to prepaid customers at the same low price… we treat everyone equally. • WhatsApp • BBM • Viber • Yes, note that FUP of 2GB on IM and VoIP applies. • Voice: R0.69 per minute (per-second billing) • SMS: R0.30 (160 characters) • MMS: R0.50 (300KB) • Data: R0.29 per MB • Prepaid FreeMe Boost bundles are valid for 31 days from the purchase date. PAGE 22 44607 Telkom FreeMe Trade Presenter_Rev3.indd 22 2016/07/12 3:14 PM

Question Do the FreeMe plans include a Night Surfer data bundle? Can customers upgrade to another contract? Can customers downgrade to another contract? Answer • No, Night Surfer does not apply. • Yes, the customer will retain any balance of the once-off internet data bundle at the time of upward migration. The customer will continue with the existing contract agreement, and will not be considered to have entered into a new contract agreement based on the migration request. Upward migrations are limited to one per calendar month. • Yes, but the customer will be liable to pay a migration fee for a downward migration. The customer will continue with the existing contract agreement, and will not be considered to have entered into a new agreement based on the migration request. A downward migration fee (the difference in handset subsidy between the original and the newly selected packages) as well as a R400 (incl. VAT) administration fee will be charged. What’s unlimited on this offer? • All WhatsApp calls, texts, WiFi and data (T&Cs apply). Can customers port in from other providers to the FreeMe plans? Can FreeMe prepaid and hybrid customers add data bundles? Is Free Unlimited WiFi included with FreeMe plans? What is Free Unlimited WiFi service? • Yes, customers can port in from another operator and subscribe to any of Telkom’s contract offers on a ported SIM card. • Yes, they can add any of the available once-off or recurring data bundles. • Yes, it is available at Telkom’s WiFi hotspots. • Free Unlimited WiFi is Telkom’s mobile’s WiFi access given to selected postpaid and hybrid contract offers to enable them to access data or the internet at Telkom mobile WiFi hotspots for free. Contract subscribers will only qualify for Free Unlimited WiFi every month if Free Unlimited WiFi access is specified as a feature of their offer or deal. PAGE 23 44607 Telkom FreeMe Trade Presenter_Rev3.indd 23 2016/07/12 3:14 PM

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