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The new Telkom app. How to use the Telkom app (launching August 2016) The app is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Simply download from your chosen app store. Search for Telkom, select and install to take control of your world. Paying your bills, topping up and tracking your queries are now only a few taps and swipes away. Free WhatsApp Calls Free Texts Free WiFi PAGE 24 Standard terms and conditions apply. E&OE. Data charges may apply to the download, depending on your plan. 44607 Telkom FreeMe Trade Presenter_Rev3.indd 24 2016/07/12 3:14 PM

Terms and conditions. 1. FreeMe postpaid and TopUp are available as new 24-month contracts with a device, or on a SIM-only (no device included) month-to-month plan. Once the contract has matured, the service will continue month to month until the customer renews, migrates, converts or terminates the service. 2. Existing Telkom mobile conversion, migration and termination business rules apply. Customers may not migrate from FreeMe to earlier Telkom Legacy plans from the introduction date of FreeMe. 3. This offer is available to Telkom consumer and business customers, and supports mobile number port-in. 4. Out-of-bundle data is available on all FreeMe postpaid plans by default. 5. Functionality such as port-in is available to FreeMe postpaid or TopUp customers. 6. All international roaming and calling rates will continue for FreeMe postpaid and TopUp plans. 7. Free texts are subject to fair usage of no more than 50 SMSs per day. Out-of-bundle rates apply at R0.30 per SMS (up to 160 characters) from the 51st SMS sent. 8. No carryover of data for monthly recurring bundles or plans is permitted. 9. All available value-added services will remain for customers using self-service. 10. Certain functionalities will remain for all FreeMe postpaid and TopUp plans. 11. All voice bundles on USSD self-service are available on FreeMe postpaid, TopUp and Legacy plans. 12. The Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for free on-net calls is 3 000 minutes per month. The FUP shall be enforced case by case. Users will be notified when required. 13. FUP for calling to all networks for FreeMe 20GB and FreeMe Unlimited: 13.1. 1 500 minutes for Telkom to off-net national networks for FreeMe 20GB; and 13.2. 3 000 minutes for Telkom to off-net national networks for FreeMe Unlimited. 14. Users will be notified when required. Customers who exceed the FUP will be charged at the out-of-bundle rate for calls after notification. 15. FreeMe calls to Telkom numbers include calls to Telkom non-geographic numbers. All non-geographic numbers to other operators are excluded from FreeMe. 16. Telkom will not be liable for charges where the subscriber dials non-qualifying numbers. Qualifying numbers include all numbers serviced by national mobile operators. Any other number is excluded. 17. Free calling using IM FUP is limited to a non-transferable 2GB per month, after which the speed will be throttled to 64Kbps. To restore the service, customers can purchase a FreeMe Boost bundle. 18. No MultiSIM functionality is available to FreeMe individual postpaid and hybrid plans. 19. All data on FreeMe Unlimited that directs toward peer-to-peer sites or torrents will be throttled to 128Kbps upload and 128Kbps download speeds. 20. FreeMe Unlimited data is governed by an FUP of 25GB per month. The speed will be throttled to 128Kbps once the subscriber reaches a data-usage soft cap of 25GB before the end of the month. The speed will return to normal at the beginning of each calendar month. Alternatively, subscribers can purchase additional once-off or recurring data bundles. 21. FreeMe benefits are only for private and personal use, and the SIM associated with a FreeMe product may not be used for least-cost routing, server hosting, internet cafés, WiFi hotspots, international bypasses, payphones or call centres. Failure to comply may result in the service being suspended. 22. The exceptions in 21. are fraudulent and will result in a suspended service, pending an investigation. 23. Telkom reserves the right to terminate this offer without prior notification. 24. Telkom will place any amended terms and conditions on Telkom’s website at, after which it will be deemed incorporated into the agreement and bind the customer from the date that the amendment was listed on the abovementioned site. E&OE. PAGE 25 44607 Telkom FreeMe Trade Presenter_Rev3.indd 25 2016/07/12 3:14 PM

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