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44607 Telkom FreeMe Trade Presenter_Rev3

Welcome. Dear Colleague

Welcome. Dear Colleague It’s been a while since we have created something that stands out in every way from the rest of the cellular networks. The market has become packed to the brim with much of the same offerings. Everyone is selling the same thing, just at different price points. Obviously we have the best offering. We’ve been watching this for a while now and realised something needed to change in a radical way. So we put our heads together and came up with a product that does just that – it changes everything. And we’re proud to introduce FreeMe to you. It’s something you should be incredibly excited about. It’s the game-changer that actually changes the game; that doesn’t just say it will. So what is FreeMe? Well, this very important booklet will let you in on the nitty-gritty, and how to sell it, but in a nutshell… FreeMe is an offering where customers pay for data and set themselves free. This product will put us in the spotlight and show that we are ready to innovate and, most importantly, it will bring those feet to your store door. But we’ve hyped this product up enough for you, so please get reading. This booklet is extremely important to us, to you and to the customer. We hope you find all the info you need and more right on these pages. Yours in anticipation of great things, Megan Nicholas Free WhatsApp Calls Free Texts Free WiFi PAGE 2 44607 Telkom FreeMe Trade Presenter_Rev3.indd 2 2016/07/12 3:14 PM

Getting started. Introduction Page 02 Manifesto Page 04 Abbreviations Page 05 Store consumer journey Page 06 Product offering Page 07 Sales process Page 14 Competitor analysis Page 15 Frequently Asked Questions Page 22 The new Telkom app Page 24 Terms and conditions Page 25 PAGE 3 44607 Telkom FreeMe Trade Presenter_Rev3.indd 3 2016/07/12 3:14 PM

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