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Finally, your customers

Finally, your customers can escape everything they hate about their network and... SAY NO TO Overpriced data. Paying for texts. Paying for WiFi. Confusing contracts. Sneaky fees. Peak rates. Contract remorse. Dreading your bill. Pricey extras you don’t want. Schemes to ban WhatsApp. Complicated price structures. Waiting ages for your device. Ludicrous surfing hours. Accepting the unacceptable. One plan. Pick your data. Set yourself free. Free WhatsApp calls, free texts and free WiFi. Upgrade to Telkom. PAGE 4 44607 Telkom FreeMe Trade Presenter_Rev3.indd 4 2016/07/12 3:14 PM

Abbreviations. Abbreviation Meaning Description FUP Fair Usage Policy A policy that may be enforced in instances where over-utilisation of inclusive benefits occur IM Instant Messaging Mainly refers to applications which are embedded or downloadable from various OS application stores VoIP Voice over IP A next-generation service that is enabled by high-speed, low-latency data networks OOB Out of Bundle Utilisation of a service at a predetermined rate when a bundle has been depleted or no bundled allocation is made TM Telkom Mobile Telkom’s mobile network TF Telkom Fixed Line Telkom’s fixed-line network PAGE 5 44607 Telkom FreeMe Trade Presenter_Rev3.indd 5 2016/07/12 3:14 PM

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